The Wrong Priorities

One of my former classmates was pointing out this week the futility of this “Click It or Ticket” campaign.

During the holiday weekends of summer, the various state and federal highway patrols and “keepers of the highways” remind everyone it’s mandatory to buckle up when you drive. Unless you crash in a way where your body becomes a projectile, the only person harmed by this transgression is yourself, maybe the people you’re in the car with. It used to be you could only be cited if you violated another rule, but they changed that to where not wearing a seat belt is the only thing a cop needs to see to pull you over.

What my former classmate pointed out is that texting while driving is a much more clear and present danger, but where are the laws and the penalties for doing that? Where are the commercials promising harsh penalties if you’re caught texting and driving?

I know that texting is something that can easily be covered up by the driver involved in a crash, but come on. If we’re going to legislate against stupidity, then legislate all the stupidity, and not pick and choose the stupid.

Fifty Shades Of Go Away

Over the past six months, I gave “Candy” one last chance to salvage our friendship, though I thought the deed would be a waste of time. I was not disappointed by the outcome, which was unsuccessful as she went back to her old tricks of me having a conversation with her and her just dropping out like she was invisible.

Those of you new to the saga: “Candy” was someone who befriended me the last few months in high school when I really wasn’t looking for friends. Years later when we reunited through Facebook, I learned that her friends were mainly people who said they were my friends but weren’t in truth. She’s also told me that she’s good at keeping things hidden, protecting secrets.

“Gary” told me “Candy” wasn’t my friend back in the day, and it turns out he may have been right on target all these years later. For all I know, they could have been colluding with each other, as “Gary” ran in the crowd “Candy” cavorted in way back when. People don’t think I remember that.

I’m either doing something just or I’m framing somebody over and over again, as she alleges. It’d be nice that if something went on behind my back that somebody would let me in on it all these years later, but people don’t have to be fair I suppose.

Time to move on once more.

The Last Of Letterman

"What you can't do is throw coffee."
“What you can’t do is throw coffee.”

David Letterman did his last late night show on CBS last night after over three decades on CBS and NBC before that. Anyone remember that Letterman had a daytime talk show on the Peacock Network?

My first memories of Letterman revolve around Andy Kaufman and his many gimmicks, one of which was wrestling women on stage. He took said gimmick to Memphis, Tennessee and “ran” (which I use in quotes because we’d find out many years later it was all scripted) into a wrestler named Jerry Lawler. The two appeared on Letterman, and Lawler wound up slapping Kaufman. Again, some thought it was unscripted, and those thinking that way were duped big time.

Anyway, Kaufman goes on a huge rant, with audio censors earning their pay bleeping out all the cursing the comedian was doing, calling Lawler something rhyming with a trucking mass hole.  Andy then throws coffee at Jerry before the much larger pro wrestler chased him away with a few strides in his direction.

Afterwards, Letterman gets off one of the funniest lines he’s ever had:

“I think you can use some of those words on TV.  But what you can’t do is throw coffee.  I’ve said it over and over again.”

Farewell, Dave.  You’ve earned your retirement, and best wishes for your future.

Kicking Ice And Taking Names


I haven’t talked about the local hockey team that much this year, the Tampa Bay Lightning. If you don’t follow NHL hockey, let me just say they’re having an outstanding year. Currently they’re one of the last four teams in the playoff race, battling the New York Rangers to determine the Eastern representative for the Stanley Cup championship series, with the series tied at one game apiece in a race to four games to determine the series winner.

Hockey has always gone over well here, going back to the Suncoast Suns of the early 1970’s at the Bayfront Center in St. Petersburg. Now, the Lightning may be on the verge of being the first major sports franchise in this area to have won multiple championships. The Bucs only won one Super Bowl in 2003, and the Rays got to the World Series in 2008 before losing to Philadelphia’s Phillies.

Game 3 is tonight on the NBC Sports Network. Looking forward to some more ice kicking. Here’s hoping they do well.

Finding The Culprit

To update my Windows 10 problems and travails…

I found the culprit as to why it (Windows 10) was running so wonky.  It was the Avast Anti-virus program.  I removed that, and everything started to run as normal.  I use other programs (like the Obit Malware Fighter, Advanced System Care, and Windows Defender) as substitutes, and they run without making the computer slow or wonky.  I don’t do my banking online (I do it on ATMs or the IPhone), and I stay away from shady looking websites.  Those two things ALONE will keep your computer safe to a greater degree.

For some reason, the various anti-virus software makers out there aren’t Windows 10 compatible yet.  More of a reason to avoid the “builds” and wait for it to be completely ready later this year if you can do so.  I wasn’t so lucky, and made a foolhardy decision, and hopefully I can avoid further trouble in the next few months.

Haircut 100 Plus ???


Yes, I know I currently look like Roger Sterling’s bastard child. But three times a year, I get a haircut. Usually once at the start of the year or before the holidays, once around May, once around September or so. 

I don’t usually do this with great relish or ceremony. My hair doesn’t need a lot of pampering either, just the basic Walmart cut will do. 

The lady who cut my hair either has been or will be an auto racing pit crew member in another life.  She cut my hair rapidly and had me on my way. Gave her a nice tip. 

Now, back to civilization.