Pauly The Computer Repairman

Gregory Peck (right) playing Charles Keith in the 1969 movie “Marooned” which centers around rescuing a stranded space capsule and beating impossible odds.

People sometimes think I’m like Mr. Scott in Star Trek, always reading technical things, understanding what most ignore.

I always say no. I like to think of myself as Charles Keith from Marooned, played brilliantly by Gregory Peck. First I think the odds are overwhelming. Then I ask questions, then finely tune the questions to get a clear, specific answer. Do I have 16 minutes to launch a rocket in the eye of the hurricane? No? Do I have 14?

Remember that computer that broke down back in April that I thought was not repairable on my own? I thought it had stopped working because once the boot screen went away, nothing happened. I was reading something Tuesday night, and one thing lead to another, leading me to get the old computer out of the closet and start tinkering with it. A nothing lose but everything to gain kind of situation.

After some trial and error, it turned out something in the Windows system was not kicking in to get the machine started, so creating a Windows install disk and telling the computer to go to that first would do the trick. Last night, I took the newer documents and material off of the newer computer and put it back on the old to get it up to speed.

I sit here pretty darn happy with myself. I knew it was probably something minor, but I didn’t know what, so I worked the problem and didn’t give up. Probably saved myself a $100-$200 repair bill doing that.

It’s A Tiebreak, Nothing But A Tiebreak


I tend to get wound up in the minutiae of sports sometimes, finding the rules and the mundane issues a tad more interesting than most do. The designated hitter rule in Major League Baseball that the American League has, but yet the National League doesn’t have (yet) is one of those such issues.

The other crops up this time of year when Wimbledon is played.  The US Open has a rule that if the final set of a match is at 6-6, they play a tiebreaker as would be the case in all of the other sets. However, the other three major tournaments don’t do this, going back to the historical concept that to win a match in a deciding set, one of the players has to break serve.

Five years ago, Nicolas Mahut and John Isner had a statistical oddity of a fifth set in an early round of the Wimbledon tournament, with Isner winning 70-68 in the fifth. It was the longest set in professional tennis history, with nothing really coming close to a 138 game set even when all sets didn’t have tiebreakers.

But just like how gravity in Major League Baseball is gravitating to both leagues one day using the designated hitter, I think players and TV will put the pressure on the other three tournaments to have tiebreakers in the final sets. It’s quicker for television, and easier for the players.

Golden Goals

You know when a soccer game is big news when it interrupts news on FOX stations.

The US women’s team got the royal treatment tonight, as their semifinal game in the Women’s World Cup aired in primetime from Canada. It was a good night for the gals, as late goals led to a 2-0 win over Germany in Montreal.

They play again Sunday evening against either Japan or England. If the US wins, it’s their first WWC since 1999 when they bested China in a penalty kick shootout. Brandi Chastain scored the winning goal, and had a unique way of celebrating.


I think ABC, who carried the game, was just happy Brandi remembered her sports bra.

Changing Things Up

You may have noticed a few changes to the blogs I run.

I’m discontinuing “Flashback Friday” and thereby making it possible to use musical interludes any day of the week by just calling it a “Flashback.”

Over at my sister site, The Big Brother Diaries, I’m actually doing a day-to-day diary of what it’s like to watch the feeds of the show. Before this, I was usually doing blog entries semi-weekly or weekly through the season, monthly during the year. It was just a spur of the moment thing, really. With the diverse cast, I thought this would be a group that would play hard early, something that has come to be on this reality show.

Carry on…

A New Law Of The Land


The Supreme Court has just decided that same-sex marriage will now be legal in 50 states. As a practicing heterosexual man in my adult life, I say it’s about time.

Note that I said my adult life. Yes, I have something to share with you, and today will be that day.

I had a male neighbor about my age who peer-pressured me into having sex with him. It was something that began as experimentation one January off-day from school in 1984 when I was 12, and ended when I was 17 sometime in 1989 when we each graduated high school. I’ve never had sex with any other man in my life, and he used it as a show of power over me more often than not. All my sexual contacts thereafter have been with women, which is my preference.

One day in the summer in 1984 at a neighbor’s pool, he kept exposing himself to me with only he and I in there, which really annoyed me. What was happening between us was supposed to be a secret by agreement, and here he was flaunting it around haphazardly. So I bit him down there, hard enough to get his attention, but not hard enough to damage him. He left me alone for a good year after that. A few days later the pool incident, a lot of my neighborhood friends starting call me “faggot” and the like (while he never got in trouble…how did THAT happen?), which scarred me to the point where I kept a very low profile the rest of the time I was in middle school and high school.

By the late 1980’s, it seemed he was always trying to get me caught with him in a compromising position. I’d knock on the door, and he’d answer it naked. When I’d decline his advances and would stalk off and leave without saying a word, oddly enough, his mother would come home from work a few minutes later.

He wasn’t a good friend, just another user, and I was so surrounded by the users that if someone sincere came around, I’d probably think they were users too. He’s on Facebook, and I have no desire to talk to him, despite him sending me a few friend requests through the years.

In 1990, when I was working at WTAN at the age of 19, I fell in love with my first girlfriend. But oddly enough, the girlfriend’s father set me down for a man to man talk right after I began dating. He asked if I had ever experimented with having sex with other boys. saying that he experimented with a male cousin back in his day.

The times being what they were a quarter century ago, I denied it, which I regret. I had no way of knowing that if I had admitted it, I’d lose my girlfriend just as quickly as I had found her.

My Uncle Peter was gay, but it was something I wasn’t aware of until around 1987. Him being gay really didn’t have an influence on me. He passed away in 1991 in San Francisco from AIDS, something I didn’t find out for a good decade and a half later. I think our family, perhaps on a subconscious level, thought he was a bad influence on us.

Today I’m thinking of my uncle, wishing he were alive to see this day, the joy in people’s hearts on the steps of the Supreme Court. Trust me, this ruling is a GOOD thing.

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