Flashback: “Back In Baby’s Arms” by Patsy Cline

Have you noticed how car commercials are now using old country songs to sell their wheels?

Mazda is currently using one of Patsy Cline’s classic songs in one of their advertising campaigns. If you’re a fan of old school country, how can you not like Patsy?

It works on a lot of levels, really.

Trumping The GOP


As most of you know by now, Ted Cruz and John Kasich have each dropped out of the Republican series of primaries, leaving Donald Trump as the last candidate standing. Unless some bizarre challenge is mounted, Mr. Trump, against all odds, will be the GOP nominee in the 2016 Presidential race.

Hillary Clinton is his likely opposition, but that deal has yet to be fully sealed. Bernie Sanders once again stunned the punditry by winning Tuesday’s Indiana primaries, continue to pester Hil’s plans for world domination. If he can continue this streak he’s been on, who knows? Perhaps he can change the minds of the Democratic super delegates and make it to the fall himself. It’d be a refreshing change.

Assuming it’s Trump vs. Hillary in the fall, I think it will be one of the dirtiest and most bizarre races in Presidential election history. As Bill Murray famously said in one of the Ghostbusters movies, you may even see dogs and cats living together along with mass hysteria. New York state could actually go Republican come November, how’s that for a mind numbing thought?

I still see Trump beating Hillary in the fall, though it will be more of Hillary losing than the Donald winning. If she couldn’t beat Obama in 2008, how can she beat Trump in 2016? Trump is an unknown commodity, who has done a good job NOT explaining how he’s going to do things. I think he can keep his double talk going all the way to November, as much as it will pain the country in the years ahead.

Never Pick A Fight On Tape

My goodness. Did you see this 19 year old kid who thought because his father owned a Del Taco that he could get away with anything he wanted?

Of course, once the owner did see the video, this kid was out of a job, family or no family.

That, dear readers, is why when you’re an employee and you start s*** with customers, it is an absolute no no. You never know what the customer is capable of, and if you think you do know, you don’t know.

Also, never pick a fight if you’re being recorded, for the very same reasons.

The kid’s 19. He’ll learn. If he doesn’t learn, then he’s an idiot.

Harry And The Lawn Proletariat


People who don’t like Mondays probably wouldn’t like my complex here in Pinellas Park.

A couple of years ago, a welcome change was made. Instead of the complex having lawn workers doing their bidding on Fridays (every other week from October to April, every week in the summer), they moved their worked to Mondays. This seems to work out a lot better for us, because we get a lot of rain in the summertime. That means instead of having our Saturdays at risk (which really isn’t fair to us, since we don’t control the weather), they just come during the next available weekday.


My cat Harry, like many other cats, has an aversion to sharp noises.

(For those of you new to the blog, I’ve known Harry since Christmas of 2008, taken care of him on and off since 2010, and permanently since early 2015. He’s a tabby, and will turn eight on July 4th. That will make him, in human terms, 48 years old…and I’ve known Harry since he was nearly a babe.)

When the lawn people come, cutting the grass and whacking out of shape weeds, Harry usually makes a bee line for under my bed or under a reclining chair in the enclosed patio if I’m not home. Not even catnip flavored Temptation treats (his favorite) can coax him out once he sets up camp in either place.

By noon, maybe 1pm at the outside, it’s all over with. If I’m home, I usually give Harry a treat for surviving the “ordeal” and life returns to normal.

Until the following Monday..

The Correspondents Dinner

Once again, the Saturday night Correspondents dinner held anually made headlines for the shock and awe it created, comically.

Thought I would show the routine in its entirety today. Of course, everyone will be talking about Larry Wilmore’s routine, and not Don Lemon of CNN seen extending a middle finger on CNN.

Don Lemon of CNN thought the dinner was number one. Think that’s Chris Jansing of MSNBC in the upper right…

Larry uses the N-Word here, so be forewarned.

Aircheck: WSUN and WIOD (Miami), 7/1/1992

I got some positive feedback from a recent aircheck of Neil Rogers, so I thought I’d go to the well again.

It’s July 1, 1992, and Neil Rogers is now simulcasting on WSUN in Tampa. After being on in Tampa Bay for a few months, he reintroduces the area to Bob Lassiter, who left WFLA to go to Chicago and talk radio station WLS. After a disappointing experience there, Bob and his wife had moved to Davenport, Iowa.

In early 1993, it was back to the Tampa Bay area for Lassiter at WSUN, initially doing morning drive before eventually going to a 2-6 pm shift before getting booted from the station when they changed to an all-sports station. Eventually, WSUN would change call letters to WDAE, an ID uprooted from 1250 AM where they had been on the radio dial for several decades.

A few weeks later, Neil appeared live on Bob’s show out of St. Petersburg.

Tailgaters, Wally World, And Beer Law

Thursday morning, I was off to Walmart after taking a shower very early in the day. I like to do shopping there as early as possible, because that’s when the foot/cart traffic there is at its least.

I’m a little less than two miles away from the store when I begin my trip around 6:10 am, but the good part is I don’t have to get on the big north-south road, US 19, to get there. I just have to take some slow surface streets. As soon as I get onto the street, a van gets behind me, as in RIGHT behind me. I don’t know if Van Driver has their high beams on, but high beams or no, the lights are very bright, distracting me as I glance at the rear view mirror.

Some of you who frequent this blog know that usually, I’m terribly underwhelmed by people hogging the space behind me when I do my driving. But this coupled with the fact that it’s dark out, I choose do the sensible thing. I pull over and let the bullying Van Driver pass me. If I’m distracted to the point where I hit someone walking on either side of the road, it won’t be Van Driver’s fault, but it certainly will be mine, manners of his or hers notwithstanding. With no one behind me, the rest of the way proceeds without incident.

I didn’t even shoot out a middle finger as the driver passed, because I’m good like that.

Once I do my Walmart shopping, it’s another mini-crisis. There are only three checkout aisles open, but they’re all 20 items or less aisles. I guess it hasn’t dawned on someone running the Pinellas Park store that someone might being getting more than 20 items, which also make the store more money? Do they not want my money, by the way? One of the employees comes up to me and says I can check out at any counter when all the aisles are less than 2o aisles, so I have that to remember next time.

One of the things I picked up was a can of beer. The mood to get beer strikes me about once a month, and I usually get a big can, like a can of Foster’s. I checked out around 6:50 (because with practically no one in the start, you get things done quickly), and the man ringing up the items tells me, referring to the beer, “I can’t sell you this.”

Puzzled, and thinking I had somehow entered some time warp where Prohibition was again legal in 2016, I began thinking about what the problem was. Looking it up after I went home, it seems that Florida (unless a local municipality orders otherwise) has a law that you can’t buy beer between 1:00am to 7:00am, which I wasn’t aware of. If I had waited 10 more minutes and checked out at 7:00, the law would not have applied.

Now, I wasn’t planning on drinking it in the morning, but with lunch. But I suppose the law is the law, and the nanny state is alive and well.