Cancel The Olympics

Unless there is a last minute change of heart which I’m holding out hope for, the Tokyo Olympics begin Friday.

As much of a sports fan as I am, I’m advocating that the Games be postponed to 2024. There are concerns that overzealous promoters are ignoring warning signs, and that too many athletes are testing COVID positive. On top of that, COVID doesn’t seem to be under control in Japan.

It just doesn’t seem to make sense to hold the Games now – as it did not last year. Usually, I’m an advocate for sports continuing to go on, and that they’re a part of society on the whole. To my “Spidey Sense”, something seems wrong here.

If I were an IOC official, I would simply give Tokyo the next Olympics in 2024 and move everyone else on the schedule back four years and more time to prepare for their Olympics. Move Paris to 2028 and LA to 2032.

That’s how I’d fix it. Probably makes too much sense to happen.

The Shot

Actually, I was a day away from getting the COVID vaccine a couple of times in May and June. Each time, I wound up shying away from getting it.

I didn’t shy away from it because I’m some rabid anti-vaccine advocate. I just think in my instance, there’s no need for it. It should be acceptable for the public to be weary of a vaccine rushed out for public consumption in record time.

Keep in mind, getting the vaccine is yet to be a mandate as wearing masks have been. (I also wonder why mask wearing wasn’t challenged simply because making someone wear something isn’t in the Constitution.) Once we get to that point, I’ll re-evaluate the situation.

There’s also no guarantee that once you get the vaccine, you won’t have get other additional shots – or that the vaccine beats variants of the virus.

As the old song goes, fools rush in where mortals fear to tread. I guess that makes me such a mortal.

Escape Artisans

My mother, who I suspect more and more of having Alzheimer’s, is trying to leave the house. If these were normal times and if she was normal health, I wouldn’t give this a second thought. In her present condition – I give everything a second thought at least.

I saw her father and my grandfather do this four decades ago at times. No matter the situation, he’d just get up and leave the home he was in. We lived nearby, so we’d get to him first and retrieve him. With a bad foot, my pursuits would be as unsuccessful as Jackie Gleason chasing Burt Reynolds in those Smokey and the Bandit movies.

She doesn’t have the food at the moment she would like to have, and I have a grocery delivery coming later in the morning.

She also tells me that I physically abuse her – and there’s no way that’s true, folks. I accidentally hit my father at age 10 and got my ass kicked – one of the reasons I gave up being a bully by the age of 13.

If anyone can say a prayer I can get through the day, it would be welcomed. I hate doing this and being a necessary villain here.

Oops, We Did It Again

It’s another Stanley Cup for the Tampa Bay Lightning – this time, it’s Montreal who were the final opponents as the Bolts won the series four games to one.

These days, it’s very difficult to win consecutive championships in any sport – as the respective North American leagues design their sports that way with free agency and salary caps or luxury taxes. It’s not impossible – but if a team can win two in a row, they should be applauded.

Do I think the Lightning win three in a row? WAY too early to say – we don’t even know what the 2021-2022 season looks like. Until COVID is completely eradicated, no one knows.

Now it’s the turn of the Rays and Buccaneers. The Rays have been consistently near the top of the standings and have had flashes of brilliance. As for the Bucs, they may even be better this season – and they won it all last year.

It’s still an interesting time to be a sports fan here. That’s for sure.

And Then, There Was Elsa

So here we go again with what looks to be another Tropical Storm whizzing through – this one is named Elsa. Well, they think it’s going to be a tropical storm. Not impossible it could be a hurricane.

The track as of 2pm on July 5th has Elsa missing us by about 50 miles, maybe less. But we were just down this road with Eta last November, and this is nowhere near the threat Irma gave us in 2017.

If it still looks like it’s coming my way, I’ll batten down the hatches tomorrow. Tomorrow and Wednesday are usually a garbage and recyclable day where I live – wouldn’t be shocked if those services were cancelled. I’ll play that by ear.

A Tale Of Two Rokus

Last week, I picked up a couple of Rokus at for $20 each. I thought I got a good deal on it as it was relatively close to Amazon’s Prime Day. When Amazon has a sale, it seems like everyone else has to have a similar sale.

No, I don’t intend to get every streaming service under the sun. I’m starting with Paramount Plus, maybe getting Peacock later. Roku offers a lot for free on their channel – and since I’m more or less an old school TV guy, it fits my needs.

Netflix has a lot out there, and I’ve used them in the past including a stretch this year. I’m more interested with what I’m familiar with and not something I don’t know of that I could get addicted to.

Yes, I do think you can get addicted to streaming, just as you can with computers, just as you can with booze and weed. It’s always a battle of will power no matter where you go – if you have no will, you have no power.

Yes, I’ve learned that the hard way.

Miami Beach

It’s not a shooting this time – but a tragedy all the same. A condominium collapsed yesterday in Miami Beach. Scores are missing as of this writing.

The blame game, as is the case with mass shootings, will no doubt follow once everyone is accounted for. Some say the building was sinking for decades since it was erected in 1981 – but it’s too late now to do anything.

I’ve been watching one of the Miami stations off of a couple of Roku devices that were recently on sale. The music is somber, and WPLG (the station from Miami I’ve been watching) is spending its time showing the faces of the missing.

Each with families, each hoping for their recovery. Let’s hope for the best – but regrettably prepare for the worst.

Sports And The Closet

Carl Nassib became the first NFL player to come out as gay on social media yesterday. I think it’s something the sporting world is more or less ready for.

I have considerable doubt that he’s the first-ever gay NFL athlete, however. I can’t tell you who the first such player was because that probably will never be commonly acknowledged. But if a percentage of athletes in other sports are LGBT, it would make sense just from a statistical standpoint that athletes in more common sports are as well.

As I said, I think society is ready for it – that it can be dealt with maturely.

Thinking Of My Mom On Father’s Day

It’s the strangest of Father’s Days in my world. As many of you know, and have followed the blog for a long time – this is the 31st Father Day without my own, having passed 30 years ago. My mother is deteriorating. Somedays she’s in good spirits – sometime she’s in a foul mood from the word go.

She has Alzheimer’s – all of the symptoms I’ve been able to look up. She nor I have the money to help get her more care. I cannot leave the house for employment, nor can I find decent employment at home, though I continue to search for a legit enterprise for that – I haven’t given up. Leaving my Mom alone could lead to her cooking and forgetting to turn off the stove, leading to a fire. Or, as is her wont as of late – she could simply wonder off out of the house.

She denies anything is wrong with her, because I have tried to tell her what’s wrong straight up. Her mother and father had Alzheimer’s before her – meaning I have a 50/50 chance of catching it later on in my life.

There’s documentation from a car sale that needs signing to avoid a driver’s license suspension (though she’s unlikely to drive again), as is her lease coming due. She has problems singing things – and they both come up in the coming days. I don’t have power of attorney over her – when she was whole, she’d never allow that.

So over these next few days – I need some prayers we can get through them. A fourth stimulus check would probably help as well – though there’s also inflation that would also rear it’s ugly head.

Take Me Out To The Virtual Ballgame

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve developed a hobby of playing lower-tech sports games and airing them on YouTube at night, occasionally in the afternoons.

I’ve been wanting to pick up another such game for baseball. Out Of The Park is usually my jam, but I think the only drawback is that it can do everything – and sometimes what you want to with it is too complex.

Enter Action PC Baseball by Dave Koch Sports. One of the things I enjoy with the football games is the historical set, where you can use almost anyone who played in the NFL from 1940 onwards.

The baseball game has a similar set, using anyone who played in the MLB from the game’s inception in 1876. To me that’s the “porn” of these games. How would the best handle the best? How would Gerrit Cole handle Babe Ruth?

Anyway, I enjoy tinkering with these sort of things.

Flap On, Flap Off

The conclusion of the flapper replacement story proved mostly anticlimactic.

I didn’t get the part until Sunday, so I played bathroom attendant most of the weekend – putting the loose or floppy flapper back on its moorings every time it was used.

Studying the instructions of the new flapper thoroughly, I got the new flapper in place in about 20 minutes. I accidentally detached a valve from the stopper mechanism to the flapper pipe but fixed that with a bit of trial and error.

I thought replacing the flapper would fix other problems too. You see – ahem – the toilet would get stubborn if you used the toilet to answer the more complicated part of nature’s calls if you get what I mean. Since I replaced the flapper, that seems to have gotten way less complicated, and my plunger appreciates the downtime.

All in a day’s work, I guess.