Colin’s Sit Down

49ers QB Colin Kaepernick, who refused to stand for the national anthem when his team played Green Bay’s Packers Friday night.

Some of you have been asking me about that whole Colin Kaepernick situation over the weekend. For me, it’s pretty cut and dry.

Kaepernick has the right to feel the way he does about American society as it stands in 2016, but his gesture of sitting down during the national anthem was rather uncouth. Half a century ago, when Tommie Smith and John Carlos donned black gloves and waved them in the air when our country’s anthem played in their honor, at least they stood as they made their protest. I also see rumors among more conservative news sites that he converted to Islam in the off-season, but most of the sports media hasn’t reported that as fact, so it may or may not be.

Standing up by sitting down? That does not compute for me. He makes $19,000,000 a year. I wonder how much of that goes to charities he cares about.

Just a reminder, Colin: you have the right to sit on your keister, true that. But the 49ers have the right to release you, and the other NFL teams also have the right not to sign you up for their respective teams should San Francisco’s team release you.

In the age of social media, what you do in this life follows you around. Remember that. You can’t take a stand for something by merely sitting down.

Aircheck: WSUN and WIOD (Miami), 8/24/1992

Our once every two weeks look back at local and regional state history takes us back to August 24, 1992. As some of you might remember, it was not a normal day, as Hurricane Andrew (a Cat 5 hurricane that everyone thought was a Cat 4 at the time) scored a direct hit on most of Miami and Dade County that Monday morning.

I was working a 6am-noon shift at WEND and the Sun Radio Network that morning. The one thing I’ll never forget was reading the AP headlines off of the computer, amazed at the statewide weather reports. I was seeing reports of wind gusts out of Coral Gables at an amazing 162 miles per hour early in my shift.

(Outside of a small thunderstorm after I got home around 1pm that day, we didn’t get anything here from Andrew in Tampa Bay, as it was a rather small hurricane.)

I’m pretty sure Neil wasn’t on his usual schedule that day with all the news coverage WIOD (and thus WSUN here in Tampa Bay) had. I don’t think he took to the air until after noon that day, and as you’ll hear that day, he’s still on past his usual 2pm sign-off. His usual entertainment type show isn’t there this day, replaced with calls for help in the area and a more serious demeanor. Quite understandable under the circumstances.

With the 24th anniversary of Andrew passing, and threat of a tropical system in the present day that’s yet to have been realized (and I hope stays that way), that all made me think of this.

Six Months For One Word


I figured the US women’s team would act swiftly when Hope Solo called the Swedish team “cowards” for how they played in the quarterfinal game against our women.

Hope received a six month suspension.

I feel no pity for Solo, and what she said was wrong. But if you’re going to get a suspension for that long, throw in an expletive in front of the word “cowards” to get your money’s worth.

I could see this winding up being litigated in court for being too harsh a penalty. Or, maybe she does three months and change of the six months, and gets the test of the ban lifted. Something like that.

It just feels two wrongs never make a right here, and that the six month suspension was over the top. A one month suspension and a monetary fine, that would seem better.


Flashback: “What It Was, Was Football” by Andy Griffith

With the college football season starting tonight in of all places, Australia, and with our local high school season starting last night in a few places, I thought I’d fire up this gem.

This record made Andy Griffith a household name, as he plays a deacon who had never seen a football game, and attempts to describe it. You have to remember this record was made in 1953, so it’s possible a southern church goer hadn’t seen a game on television as of yet, as not everyone had a TV at that time, and there weren’t a lot of stations on the air, either.


Hurricane 68?


Since southwest and southeast Florida got the brunt of Hurricane Wilma back in the fall of 2005, there have been 67 hurricanes formed in the Atlantic over the last eleven years. None of them have hit Florida, which has doubled the old record of 33 consecutive hurricanes without a Florida landfall, according to Denis Phillips over at ABC Action News.

With two named storms, Fiona and Gaston, out in the Atlantic and no threats to anyone, a close eye is being kept on an unnamed system just east of Puerto Rico. Many of the computer models have that mass of weather forming into something tropical, possibly hitting southeast Florida within a few days.

But, solving where a tropical system goes is like trying to figure out a checkmate on a chess board within a few moves. Just as the checkmate requires the opponent making certain moves so that the checkmate can happen as it predicts, the flaw in these computer models is that it requires the chess pieces (in this case, the weather system) to move in a predictable way.

With a system not even named yet, things become more problematic, because the circulation center might not be where the models think that they are. In turn, that changes the projected path of the system from point to point, and the models need a reliable starting point as a frame of reference.

The good news at this point (noon on Wednesday as I wrote this) is Tampa Bay won’t see the storm in all likelihood. If it gets too close to Hispaniola (the island the nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic sit), it may dissipate all together and effect only them as a rainmaker. If it stays north and doesn’t interact with that area much, then South Florida may get it, either as a tropical storm or a hurricane named Hermine.

Thursday morning brought news of a split consensus: half the models now think the storm will interact with Florida twice, once hitting the southeast, then again in the Panhandle. Some more models have the storm hugging the west coast up to a Big Bend area hit. But the multi-million dollar question is: as what?

For now, too many variables and history working for us here in Tampa Bay to give it much thought…though I just did.

Harry Has A Drinking Problem

Harry taking an afternoon snooze one day…

I hate to admit this online, but my cat has a drinking problem. No, not THAT kind of drinking problem…like there’s an Alcoholics Anonymous for cats.

If I sit by Harry with a bottle of water, he immediately goes to work sniffing and licking the condensation on it when I get it out of the refrigerator. On Monday, he sat on my hand as I sat on the back (indoor) porch area, sniffing away. I guess his natural curiosity was piqued.

But you know what they say, right? That thing about curiosity killing cats? Hope that never happens to Harry. He’s a good guy, or he tries to be.

By Authority Of The NFL

ESPN turned NBC sportscaster Mike Tirico…

I’ve never been a big fan of Mike Tirico’s work, but I have to admit that a recent decision by the NFL regarding who broadcasts their games gave the Syracuse grad a lot of garden hose up his keister, without benefit of lubricant.

CBS and NBC are splitting the series of Thursday night games this season and next. CBS will simulcast the first five games with the NFL Network, then do three games on NFLN. The second half of the games goes to NBC, three strictly on NFLN, then the remaining five simulcast on NBC. If your local team has a game on NFLN only, it will be simulcast on a local station in your market. Got all of that?

Four months ago, Tirico, who had called Monday night games for ESPN going back to when they received the package from ABC, was hired by the Peacock to spell Al Michaels for the Thursday night games they had the rights to. Al turns 72 in November, and is actually older now than when Howard Cosell was terminated for ABC in 1985 at the age of 67.

It would make sense to lighten Al’s workload right? But no! (The author says in a Cosell impersonation.)  The NFL reportedly vetoed Tirico doing the TNF games with Cris “Turkey Neck” Collinsworth (that’s my nickname for him anyways, been calling him that since he was a Florida Gator back in the early 1980’s), and thus wants Brother Al doing the whole kit and caboodle, citing that CBS uses their “A” team of Jim Nantz (57 years old) and Phil Simms for their package.

Just one of those “jerky” things the NFL does, I guess. No wonder why some fans think they’ve become the “evil empire” these days.