Private Parts

What’s the big deal about nude beaches and resorts? Just north of me in Pasco County of Florida, they are abundantly available.

They seem to have a rule about gawking. Seems a little weird to me.

How does one know if someone is naked unless it is seen? And, if you haven’t seen that certain private part before, how can you not gawk at least once?

If you don’t be want to be naked in public, isn’t the obvious first and only step NOT to be naked in public?

I’ve never bought into that phrase that if you’ve seen one person of one gender in the buff, you’ve seen them all. All of us just have variations of the same thing.

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Number 15

When I was a kid, I, like many, wanted to be an NFL quarterback.

I dreamed of wearing number fifteen. Don’t really know why. Bart Starr was the only really famous 15 in the NFL.

Maybe it was someone wearing that number sometime in the future.

Enter the young man from the Jacksonville area, who went on to play at Gatorland.

Enter Tim Tebow.

Here is a young man with a very bright future. The experts say he can’t do this, he can’t do that.

The thing is: with every throw, the doubters get another plate of crow.

This Sunday night in Denver, he sent Bronco fans to heaven, ending an overtime game against Pittsburgh in just eleven seconds.

Next Saturday night, it’s a trip to Boston, facing a Patriots team that averages in being awesome.

Vegas has New England as 14 point favorites.

Do you dare bet against America’s favorite?

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Keep Your Chins Up

So Ron Paul didn’t win last night.  Folks, keep your chins up.  He did get the same number of delegates as did Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, so it was basically a three way tie. Romney only won the beauty contest.

The truth is delegates win nominations at the conventions.  Not voters.  Voters determine how delegates are divvied up.

Was their fraud?  Probably.

Does the establishment want Ron Paul to lose? Absolutely.

The fight is the thing, not the outcome.  Those of us who support Ron Paul should not be discouraged.  As long as us “Paulies” keep our heads down and keep moving forward, good things will follow.

Keep your chins up.

Fight the good fight.

Don’t be discouraged.