Leap Day 2012

I sit here this day that comes once in four years, and my bewilderment about the 2012 Republican primaries continues.  Last night, Mitt Romney wins the Arizona and Michigan primaries.

Are the Republicans so scared of somebody who would make real change happen (Ron Paul) that they want to put a Mormon clone of Barack Obama in?

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I’m All For Gay Marriage

So why is a heterosexual man such as myself all for gay marriage?

I’m just a believer in making as many people happy as humanly possible.

There are things and beliefs in history that are proven to be conclusively wrong.  For example, before Christopher Columbus discovered America, everyone thought that if you sail west long enough, you fall off of Earth, because the world is flat…or so they thought.

If two people love each other, and they want to make that declaration, they should be able to.  That simple.  Whether it is one man and one woman, two women, or two men.

If gay marriage continues to be banned, it is not going to stop how gay men and lesbian women are wired.  Laws do not change the wiring of the brain, no matter how hard the lawmakers may try.

Happy February 14th, everybody.

Going The Way Of Elmer Fudd

Ellen DeGeneres, ladies and gents…

I see that a whole bunch of conservatives are upset that Ellen DeGeneres is the new pitch person for J.C. Penney.

Why?  Because…and only because…Ellen is gay.

Makes me ashamed to be a Republican.  Even a Ron Paul Republican.

What detests me is the motives of this “One Million Moms” group.

Elmer Fudd wanted to kill wabbits.  This sad sack of characters just want to silence the…

(You know the word I’m thinking of here, right?  Not even going to say it.)

Funny how they don’t want Ellen’s talk show off of the air.

Funny how they say nothing about Pepsi running a Super Bowl ad featuring Elton John, an openly gay pop music legend for several decades.

Not knowing or having met Ellen DeGeneres, I going to take a pretty safe guess she’s not giving up on Portia de Rossi to continue pitching for J.C. Penney.

Just accept the fact that not all men and/or women are wired to find the opposite sex attractive.  The sooner you do, the better off you will be.

It’s All About The Mon-nay…

The more of these local stories I read, the more I think the state and local governments want to flip us upside down to insure the fact the money falls from our pockets.

Have you read this garbage out of Virginia?  Not only did this one cracker county accuse a family of bringing their child to school late too often, they broke their own rules to make their accusation.

This family will likely be acquitted, but not after having to spend their treasure on vindicating themselves of a misdemeanors they should have never have faced to begin with.

It’s all about the mon-nay.  Extracting us from it based on bullshit charges.  Do not let this happen to you.

We Run The Show, You Don’t

(The following is written as if I was a media insider, meant to be satirical.)

Here we are in the late winter of early 2012.  An election year.  Politicians scoring points any way they can.

And don’t mind that old man with the first two names.  He cannot win.  We in the media have deemed it so.  We don’t like him.  He would actually change things, and we in the media like things just the way they are, thank you very much.

We are high paid prostitutes, after all.

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