The Peckerhead From North Providence, Rhode Island

How do these morons find me?!?

Ever since I got a Blackberry for my 40th birthday seven months ago, I’ve been gotten calls from someone in North Providence, Rhode Island.

Messages with gibberish on them.

So, I get an app for the Blackberry that blocks calls.

A few weeks or months later, I get a call from another 401 area code number.

I block that.

Today, I get another call from the 401.  Whoever this is, he or she must have cornered the market on this particular area code.

And so now, I’ve block that.

I’d tell this person to get a life, but why tell him or her to get something he or she clearly doesn’t have?

So if I suddenly disappear from cyberspace, Mr. or Mrs. 401 gunned me down.  Maybe.

How To Get Rid Of Telemarketers

If you’re well spoken and REALLY want to get rid of these phone solicitors, give this plan a try.

1.  When the phone rings, pick it up.

2.  Ask the person on the other end on the phone to please hold on.  If they insist upon speaking to you after you ask them to hold on, repeat your request.  If they insist on not waiting by continuing to speak, hang up on them.  If they can’t respect you, don’t respect them.

3.  If you suspect the caller is a solicitor, this is where you tell them a magic word that will get them to leave you alone: YouTube.  As in: I’m posting this on YouTube.  They will leave you love after you say this most of the time.

4.  Optional: as a substitute for rule 3, say to the solicitor that you’re recording the call for training purposes.  Quite often, the solicitors say this to you, so it works both ways, doesn’t it? 

Mutiny And The Bounties

My thoughts on the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal:

First, pro football is a very physical game.  It doesn’t need financial incentive to make the game more violent.

Second, the New Orleans Saints of recent years are probably not the only team in the history of the NFL or in the future of the NFL to have a bounty system.  It was just so obvious and so blatant that those running the Saints system got caught.

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America: Mutliple Personality Disorder

Trayvon Martin, 1995-2012.

I have never been totally convinced that I live in a singular America.  And I don’t necessarily believe it’s a bad thing.  It is what you make of it, and it is what it is.

When the world stopped on that Tuesday afternoon in October 1995 to hear the O.J. Simpson verdict, I first noticed it.  The reaction to the not guilty verdict was mainly among lines of race.  The Caucasians were in disbelief (although I wasn’t, I thought Mark Fuhrman’s testimony sank the case, because it raised the possibility, even slightly, that the Los Angeles cops were corrupt.)  The other races were a bit more jubilant that the Juice was loose once more. Continue reading “America: Mutliple Personality Disorder”