Firefox 13 And The Reset Button

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that one of the problems I have with my daily computing needs is finding a good browser.  I find that all the major browsers have at least one flaw to them. I guess there are worse problems to have, but up until now, I mainly use Google Chrome.

Then I discovered this YouTube video about the 13th version of the Firefox browser.

I hit that new “Reset Firefox” button…and all is well in Firefoxland.  It runs smoothly, almost flawlessly.

So I think I have my new browser of choice.  For now.

The One On The Right Is On The Left

Yesterday, I got into an argument over the whole Obama “birther” thing.

Some of you will no doubt think that I got exactly what I deserved.

See, I don’t think either major political view is 100% right, which probably makes me more Libertarian than anything.

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The NFL-ing Of The Major Leagues

The biggest problem MLB has, if you ask me, is that it tries too hard to be a baseball version of the NFL.

I was watching the Atlanta-Tampa Bay game last night and thinking of what MLB was like 20 short years ago in 1992. If you lived in a major city in Florida and wanted to see a real game that counted, it meant going to Atlanta.

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Slugger’s Fest

Remember back when boxing could be seen over the air on TV?  It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?

This fight took place on January 24, 1976 in Las Vegas. George Foreman you all know about. Ron Lyle probably would have been a champion in another era, just happened to be in the wrong era with great heavyweight fighters like Foreman, Ken Norton, Joe Frazier, and Muhammad Ali.

Another great man commentated on the fight and gave it all the drama it was due in Howard Cosell. Let me just throw in one tip: the fourth round of this fight was one of the greatest rounds I have ever seen with all the sudden changes in momentum, almost changing with every punch.

A FAIL All The Way Around

Usually, I don’t like to talk about the same thing twice in a row.  It’s kind of like the talk show host who continues to hack on a caller that he or she disagrees with.  Probably satisfying to the caller, but what does it prove in the end?

When I typed up the story yesterday, it was before the state of Florida could make recommendations on what to do about low scores on the FCAT, a test students take at the 4th, 8th, and 10th grade levels.

(Correcting an error I made yesterday: now a days, you must pass the FCAT in order to be promoted to the next grade or to graduate high school.  When I went to school in the 70’s and 80’s, this wasn’t true, if I remember correctly.)

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Give The FCAT An F

When I went to school many years ago, I used to hate the FCAT.  With a passion.

For those of you outside of Florida, the FCAT is a test that you take three times in public school. Once in elementary, once in middle school, once in high school, in the 4th, 8th, and 10th grades. The test did not determine whether or not you passed to the next grade, but it judged how well the schools generally were in teaching their students.

We would be told how “important” the tests were, and to be extra-prepared when we took them. What bullshit that was, pardon my French.  The results were mailed to the homes of the students so the parents could peruse them and hang them over their children’s head, and once I got ridiculed for doing poorly on an FCAT, truth be told.  I tried telling my parents that the tests were essentially meaningless, so how does that motivate me to do well?

And now I see that the state of Florida is having an emergency meeting because the children continue to do poorly on the FCAT tests statewide.

Gee, Governor Scott, maybe in the era of the Internet that didn’t exist to the level it does now, just maybe…they have figured out that they are merely lab rats in the exercise?  Maybe they are deliberately doing poorly on purpose?  Hmmm?

And here’s another idea: how about getting rid of the FCAT once and for all?  Judge how well a school does on the grades a student gets.  That would be the simplest way to do it.  Perhaps my current state of Florida just doesn’t want to do the simplest thing.

A Sucker For Soccer

Those who missed the final game of the English Premier League season, especially the game between Manchester City and the Queens Park Rangers really missed a treat.

The two Manchester teams, Manchester City and Manchester United, were tied in the standings, each with a game to play, each with a game playing at the same time.  In fact, all 10 EPL games were played simultaneously so that teams fighting for various titles and the avoidance of relegation couldn’t know exactly what they needed. Continue reading “A Sucker For Soccer”

A Night Good For Any Sports Fan

If you are a sports fan of any kind in North America, this Saturday evening of May 12, 2012 probably has at least one thing to interest you.

A NASCAR race at the legendary track in Darlington, South Carolina.

A Game 7 in the NHL, a Game 7 in the NBA later tonight in Los Angeles.

(Let me get on record and say that if the game is close, the LA Lakers will win, the NBA officiating crew will see to that.)

Numerous MLB games including the hometown Rays up in Baltimore to play the Orioles.

One of those nights where anything and everything is going on, and almost impossible to watch everything at once.

Enjoy it.

Falling Off The Wagon

Weather woman Stephanie Roberts was let go by ABC Action News this week.

Former 10 News (WTSP) anchor Jennifer Howe has had recent problems with the law.

Russell Rhodes of WTVT had an interesting evening on the streets of Tampa one night in 2009.

The late, great WFLA sports anchor Chris Thomas was once arrested for DUI before his untimely passing at the age of 55.

I mean to offend no one I know or have known in my work in the media or as a follower of the media by asking the following question:

Is there something about working in television that might drive the employees of a TV station to drink?  Seems to happen quite often, at least in our market, anyway.  Or is it in proportion to what the rest of us “commoners” do?

Just another “Slice Of Big Pauly” random thought.

Mysteries Of Life

Harry near his scratching post, May 9th, 2012.

How is it we can go to the moon, but we don’t have animal-to-human (and vice versa) translators yet?

I could really use one in my part-time care of Prince Harry.

During the course of my day at home, Harry will leave his perch in the back area and come running to me.  He says something resembling “rrrrrrr.”  Sometimes the tone kind of sounds like Edith Bunker when she gives Archie his beer on All In The Family.  Sometimes,  the tone is lower and his mood seems a little less light.

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A Man Amongst Boys

Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers, the newest member of the 4 HR in one game club.

This blog would like to take a moment and congratulate former Tampa Bay Devil Ray Josh Hamilton on a performance for the ages last night in Baltimore.

In case you missed it, Hamilton hit four home runs in a game against the Orioles, becoming only the 16th player to do so in a MLB game.  Even more interesting was that each home run was a two-run homer, bringing in the same man ahead of him each time, Elvis Andrus.

I just hope I live long enough to see the first five home run game in MLB history.