The Green Cathedral

It was my dad who introduced me to this thing called Wimbledon back when I was seven years old.  He got up one Saturday morning in July of 1979, turned on the local NBC station, Channel 8 (WFLA)  and watched something being called “Breakfast At Wimbledon.”  He was interested in the men’s final, being aired for the first time live back to the United States from England.  An upstart pro named Roscoe Tanner was facing the reigning ice man of the grass courts, Bjorn Borg.  Borg won the match in five sets, but Tanner was highly praised for giving the best player in the world such a hard battle.

So here I sit at a computer on June 30, 2012, watching a different looking Wimbledon, or at least it appears as such on TV.  NBC gave up the televised rights to Wimbledon last night, and now the Tour De France has replaced it on their schedule.  The Peacock was given to airing a lot of Wimbledon on their schedule, which meant you would see a great deal of it on tape-delay.  You could listen to Radio Wimbledon or follow a given match on the Internet and get the result you’re interested in long before NBC got around to airing it prior to the Saturday and Sunday finals.  It wasn’t how the biggest tennis tournament in the world should be handled.

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Taxation Without Representation

Healthcare is now the law of land, vindicated by yesterday’s decree from on high from the Supreme Court.

Republicans call it Obamacare.  Democrats would be well advised to call it Rommeycare, as I saw Stephen Colbert call it last night.

I try to stay anti-political, and fail miserably at it.  I don’t believe in my heart of hearts that neither party has the monopoly on ideas.  People have better ideas.  Political parties have ideas that only suit them.

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In Defense Of Animals

There are no words for this kind of cruelty. What kind of message does it send to this 3 year old child?

We have to be kinder to each other.

We should not destroy what we create, or what we agree to take care of, whether it be a child, a relationship, or an animal.  You do all you can to make sure you do your best, and interact the best you can.  Sometimes you can’t control what happens, but that’s life.

This picture on Facebook this morning seriously moved me.  (I kind of feel like the Indian who cries at the end of those old 1970’s pollution commercials, for those of you old enough to remember those.) I kept looking at this dog, wondering where his upper right paw was.

I don’t consider myself a pet advocate the likes of Bob Barker and/or Betty White.  But what a waste it is to get an animal for a child only that you can beat it mercilessly.  Any of you who know me know that half of the year, I take care of a cat.  Sometimes the cat drives me crazy, but I agreed to take care of the little guy.  A slight tap on Harry is the most I ever give him, and that’s well down on the list of corrective actions I take with him.

Cracking a skull, breaking ribs, and causing the dog to lose a leg is way beyond the extreme.  Hope they find this guy and lock him up a long time.  When Harry wakes up from one of his many naps, he’s getting a big hug.

Debby, You Are A Beast!

3am EDT on 6/25/2012, and the rain from Debby isn’t stopping.  Tampa Bay residents no doubt wish it would.

Like many of us right now in Florida, I’m feeling the wrath of a little lady named Debby.  Tropical Storm Debby to be exact.  I thought I would give you all an update.  Who knows if I’ll be able to later with all this damned rain!

As I write this it’s 3am on Monday, June 25th.  The rain bands are so loud they are currently preventing me from my usual slumber.  The wind hasn’t been too bad (although it has shut down the Sunshine Skyway Bridge which connects Pinellas County to points south on I-275 for some time now), the thunder and lightning almost non-existent.  The problem is that it’s almost continuously rained here for over 36 hours, and some of that rain has been heavy at times.

There were also several tornadoes that popped up thanks to the unstable atmosphere, including one that hit Pass-A-Grille, the southernmost beach in Pinellas County.  ABC Action News (what the local ABC station here in Tampa Bay is branded) and chief meteorologist Denis Phillips was right on that tornado and followed it like a seasoned Midwestern weatherman.

But as seconds passed like minutes during that 8 o’clock hour last night, I kept looking at the potential path of this tornado/waterspout and kept noticing the angle and the speed it was moving.  I also noticed that where I lived was smack dab within the cone.  That gave me a few anxious moments!  Fortunately, the funnel cloud passed a mile or so to my north on US Highway 19.  Whew!

And just like Hurricane/Tropical Storm Frances in 2004, just when you think it’s safe to rest.  Another heavy rain band comes in.  And another.  And another.

Tampa had over six inches of rain yesterday.  Parts of Pinellas have had a foot.  And yet Debby plods along slowly.  The meteorologists all think the rain won’t be as widespread nor as heavy today.  We’ll see.  For all of you in Tampa Bay dealing with this, I feel your pain.  Debby will be a little lady we will remember here in Tampa Bay for a long time.

And as I leave you on this journey of mine, the Tampa stations that were playing various infomercials have now popped back on once more with the latest weather information.  Another Tornado Warning for the northern parts of Tampa.  Amazing little storm this is.

Universally Disliked

In this day and age, it is a very rare thing to get everybody to hate you.  Jerry Sandusky is one of those people.  The only other person I can equate Sandusky to in recent years would be Casey Anthony.  Maybe Susan Smith and Jeffrey Dahmer of a generation ago.

(I do not include alleged assassins and murderers in this list like say Timothy McVeigh, Lee Harvey Oswald, O.J. Simpson and the like.  There are a lot of people, take Simpson’s case for instance, that believe to this day that O.J. did not kill his wife and Ron Goldman, and Simpson’s 1995 criminal trial does back up that fact.)

I have no doubt Jerry Sandusky is a very sick man.  But he can no longer harm his community.  He has been found guilty for his crimes by a jury of his peers, and the sentence of 442 years makes it an absolute fact he will not be a free man for the rest of his life.  And needless to say, the jury got it right.  Very much so.

It is my sincerest of hopes that we do NOT lose sight of the fact that there were people at Penn State who knew about this and let this continue to happen.  And THEY need to be punished too as individuals, as does the university itself.  The school will no doubt have to pay its own restitution.  Maybe the sports programs the school has become so well known for will fail to survive.  It’s possible.  Can’t have misdeeds without consequences.

May God bless the victims of Jerry Sandusky and the unintended victims of what he has done.

How To Dissect A Troll

So I had a troll leave a comment for me about my “Prime 29/Google Rankings” post.  Of course he or she didn’t have the courage to leave a real way for me to get back to this man, woman, or rat.

But you know what, people?  I’m in a charitable mood tonight.  I’m going to make this person or rat famous by dissecting and translating what this person said word for word.

And if this person doesn’t like it, I challenge said man, woman, or rat to get his, her, or its own blog.  Bet he/she/it doesn’t have the gumption to do it.  Lots of cowards on the Internet, aren’t there?

So here goes:

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The 29 Prime/Google Rankings Scam: A Follow Up

I get calls all the time from these scamsters.

They call me all the time on my cell phone saying they have urgent news for me.  Of course, when I try to call them back, they only ask if I want to be placed on a do not call list.

I’m already on THE do not call list, so why should I want to be on their list that they do God knows what with?

I had a run in with one of the numbers 29 Prime used back in March:

And the threat Melissa made came true.  They keep calling back.  From different locales.

I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if I shared with you the numbers they like to use.  I’ve been keeping track of those.  Such as:






Don’t press 2 to be taken off their do not call lists.  If you press 1, do not give them your name.  Keep them on the phone as long as possible without giving them information if you feel brave enough.  Sooner or later, the calls will stop.

Two Joes Who Need To Go

Joe Crawford, NBA official.  Got to wonder why he still IS an NBA official.

You wonder why I don’t watch a lot of NBA these days?

I’m getting the impression at the ripe old age of 40 (41 on September 6th) that of all the major sports, the NBA would be the easiest to rig.  That is, if it isn’t rigged already.

As I write this, three games of the 2012 NBA Finals have been played between the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder, with the Heat currently holding a two games to one lead in a race to see who will win four games first to be crowned this year’s NBA champions.  The Thunder could easily be leading the series three games to zero.  In Games 2 and 3, LeBron James, the very gifted forward of the Miami club, could have been hit with fouls that would have given Oklahoma City a chance to either tie or take the lead late in the game.

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Five Years After

A foggy morning at Imperial Palms in Largo, Florida. December 17th, 2006.

So on this date in 2007, which was also a Friday, I moved to where I currently live from Imperial Palms in Largo.

Since I haven’t told the story of how I got here on this blog, why not do so now?

Imperial Palms is part of the Palms complex that owns several apartment and nursing home complexes on East Bay Drive between Highland and Starkey in Largo, and when I came back from a year in North Carolina in 1999-2000, that’s where I stayed.  Apparently, staying there and knowing what goes on there makes you a target for removal eventually, or did under the regime they had there.  The residents were mostly elderly, but they do let a few “younguns” in.

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Who Turned On Who?

Occasionally, I get the hankering to listen to Alex Jones.  Kind of like how someone gets a hankering for bacon.  You know that generally it’s bad for you, but sometimes you can’t help it.

I was amused to find out that Alex is now feuding and fussing with Ron Paul and his son, Rand Paul.  Rand apparently endorsed Mitt Romney recently, and one of Rand’s aides told the media, according to Alex, that the people just need to get over the fact that Rand Paul has given such an endorsement.

On the surface, I would tend to agree with Mr. Jones that Rand Paul could be the turncoat, but we do not know all of the facts.  Could the GOP be blackmailing the Pauls behind the scenes?  Could the Pauls be playing possum of some kind?

But it’s funny, Alex.  You didn’t mention two very important words in your diatribe on yesterday’s show: Debra Medina.  You used to have Medina on your show back in 2009 and 2010 when she ran to be the Republican nominee for the governor of Texas quite frequently.  Then she was painted into a corner about 9/11 “truthers” by a mainstream radio host, and that was it.  You turned on her faster than a Greek waiter.

Funny how Alex makes his guests disappear from his show if you disagree with him, as Mike Rivero has learned, as I think Webster Tarpley is about to learn.

They say fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.  But you can’t fool everyone all the time.


The Tell Tale Scorecard

The scorecard from the Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley fight on June 9, 2012 that had Bradley winning a stunning split decision victory.

As far as boxing controversies go, this one was a beaut.

Manny Pacquiao, who many figure to be the best fighter pound for pound in the prizefighting world, fought Timothy Bradley in what many thought was a routine defense of Manny’s World Boxing Organization welterweight title.  Almost everyone at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and those watching on pay-per-view and following it online thought Pacquiao had easily won the fight.

Only one problem: in boxing, if everyone thinks one fighter won a fight, but two judges disagree, the other fighter wins.

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Rain, Go Away

It is early Saturday morning.

As the sun heads into the sky, it reveals a scene I’ve now been seeing for several days: dark clouds.

My backyard tree looks like a castle with a circular moat around it.

Blessed be the days of summertime.

But would someone mind turning off that darn faucet?

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