He’s Running The Wrong Way!!!

Jim Marshall, meet Andre Parker.

Kent State was playing Towson University last night. Kent State punted to Towson very late in the first half. And this is what happened:


It’s Football Season

So today, the first meaningful games of the 2012-2013 season get played with several teams kicking off their collegiate seasons. In Florida, the high school season starts tomorrow, and the NFL season starts in six days.

But if you ask me, this is still the greatest game ever played on any level.

That Hooker In Vegas

It’s the Spring of 2000. I’m temporarily living in Las Vegas, and I’m walking up Fremont Street, which goes from the southeast part of the city up to downtown.  It’s around 7am, so the streets are devoid of all the craziness that usually surrounds it. I’ve seem bum fights on Fremont Street, just kept walking like there was nothing to see.

So this brunette hooker approaches me with an offer: how about you buy me a cup of coffee, and I’ll perform a certain service for you. It’s the “service” that ends with the letters J-O-B, people. That kind of J-O-B that got President Clinton in trouble and made Monica Lewinsky famous. She’s got a bit of a face that tells me she’s probably done a few drugs, has a petite build, didn’t look like she was wearing a bra.

As she’s telling me this, I notice something very telling: the lack of eye contact. I knew enough about Las Vegas from my visit there in 1996 to know that this was a red flag. Never read anything about it up until that point in 2000, but instinct kicked in.

So many things I don’t know about this stranger who wanted to grease my weasel. She could have an STD for one, or be a front for some drug gang or thieves. Stories are abound in Vegas about women like this who slip mickeys into a guy’s drink to render them unconscious so that they can be robbed of their money and their possessions.

So I politely decline, and that was that. I’m not all that street smart, but my Mom didn’t raise no fool.

Dealing With Difficult People The Pauly Way

So Ameripride Lawn Services (over at 1-888-612-5700) just toxified the neighborhood lawns, as they usually do. The guy who did it chose to block my driveway which fortunately (for him) I did not need to get out of. I love people who park in a manner that blocks the driveway.  Really, I do. I’m convinced such incidents are only going to get me closer to the one time where I ask whoever the offender is the following question: why do I need your permission to use my driveway?

The guy applying all the chemicals as actually bigger than me, and it didn’t look like MENSA was missing any its candidates. So I leave the guy alone, but I stand right by the front door and let him know I was there. No need to be overly confrontational.

But if you’re going to block the driveway, it might not be a good idea to leave your number on the side of the truck, see. It winds up getting posted places…like this blog entry.

A few minutes later, a smaller Ameripride truck is on the other side of the road, and right behind him is this white minivan. Does the truck let the minivan go by? Yes, but not after several moments. Apparently, a chat amongst co-workers was immediately more important than the plans of anyone else.

I feel my brain getting hot as my blood boiled, but I’m staying right were I am. My mere presence seems to make these two yokels move faster, and moments later they both depart.

It’s important by the way that if you let your presence be known that you have something to document things if the worker gets hostile at you. I had a Blackberry out, and if this guy said something at me or flipped me off, all I had to do is flip on the voice recorder and THEN talk to the guy. Give THEM the chance to screw up and protect yourself.

Isaac Walked On By

It’s better to be lucky than to be good, and once again, the Tampa Bay area was lucky. So far, we’ve only gotten tropical depression effects from Tropical Storm Isaac, still a TS when many thought it would be a hurricane.

We were lucky this time around, as eastern Florida got all the rain off of the storm. Unlike Debby, we got just a little bit.

Isaac’s next stop appears to be New Orleans at this point, and with the storm being so large in size, they’re going to get a pretty big storm surge off of it. Wednesday is the seventh anniversary of Katrina, so I’m sure “little” Isaac will bring back some hard memories.

Being a long time resident of Tampa Bay, I keep wondering when our hurricane luck will run out. Then, I’m reminded that it’s not a good idea to think of such things.

He Took A Giant Leap For Mankind

RIP Neil Armstrong…

Amidst all the preparation for Isaac and the Republican Convention in Tampa (and whether or not that happens) comes some sad news.

Neil Armstrong, the first human being to set foot on the moon on board Apollo 11, has passed on at age 82.

The irony is that Armstrong had a near disaster on board Gemini 8, as depicted in “From The Earth To The Moon” series on HBO a few years back:

May he rest in peace. First Sally Ride a few weeks ago, now Neil Armstrong. Two pioneers of space travels.

A Jump To The Right

Just got back from the local Walmart here in Pinellas Park. Not seeing a lot of concern on the faces of the shoppers.

Last night, that lack of concern was well-advised. But as I visit the Weather Underground blog section hosted by Dr. Jeff Masters, we may have to revisit those concerns. The operative word there is may.

The latest models have Isaac just off of us once again, in varying distances:

Isaac Spaghetti Models, 8/24/2012

As Denis Phillips often says on WFTS (the local ABC station), when watching a hurricane you never get a high sense of optimism, nor do you get a low level of optimism. You watch, you wait, and hope things go your way.

The models shifted a little east, they can shift back west again. If it’s still looking like this on Sunday, then it will be time to prepare.