The First Day of School

So today the school bells rang out for the first time where I live, and the little ones go back to school. And for the 24th straight year, I don’t have to worry about getting up early to attend it. Can’t say I miss it.

I could never get much sleep the night before the first day of school. Every year seemed to open up a new can of worms, and some of those cans I really didn’t want reopened.

So this one girl I liked in high school that I gave flowers to and what wound up being the day famous for Challenger’s explosion. Well, things went downhill from there, to the point I think she’s a liar and a player (which she was) and I’m telling her to go do pleasure herself off, if you catch my drift. Fast forward to the Friday before we all go back to school in August of 1986. I’m talking to a friend walking down Indian Rocks Road in Largo, Florida who’s asking about what high school is like.

All of a sudden, I see this lady friend/ex-friend of mine (note how lady and friend are two different words, folks) going by, a passenger in one of the cars and she yells out HI PAUL!

It’s one of those moments where time freezes in your mind, or at least slows down. I think about what to do for a few moments that seem like ages and I tell this car that passes that they’re number one, using my middle finger.

So Monday comes, and I’m praying that this girl isn’t in my classes. She may have seen my middle finger, she may not have. I have seven periods to dodge. Five go by. The sixth arrives, and right as the bell rings to start class, she arrives.

Shit. Felt like how a game show contestants feels when they’re about to win a car and suddenly realize that they aren’t winning diddly squat.

She’s trying to get my attention and I’m not falling for it. My fellow students are telling me she’s trying to get my attention, and I shake my head, as if to say “Yes I know, but leave me alone.”

The year goes on, and the friendship deteriorates further, and by the end of the year we’re not friends anymore, but that’s what I wanted.

I bump into her in the summer of 2000, and this time she pretends to ignore me, and I let her. Some things never change. The next year, I see her on one of Voyeurweb of all places, flashing her wares to some stranger with a camera. I feel vindicated in my opinions. Yep, she was a floozy all along.


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