Wild Goose Chase

I’ve already gotten my check from Think Direct Marketing.  In fact, I got it in the mail on Friday, the day it would have been available at work.  Their way of saying, “Here’s your money, get the hell out of here, and don’t ever come back” I suppose.

So I walk over to the local Walmart on US 19 just north of Park Boulevard to use their check cashing service, or so they call it.  They run the check through the machine several times, and the machine doesn’t accept it.  I get this little slip of paper saying that a company named Certegy won’t accept my paper.  But the lady behind the counter tells me it’s simply not reading the numbers on the check.  So, which is it?

I’m not saying I’ve never laid bad paper on someone, but it’s been a long time since I’ve done it, not since the 1990’s.  After all, I’m trying to be a good guy, at least this century.  So if the problem is with me, isn’t there a statue of limitations on this sort of thing?

So now I go over to the local Amscot on Park Boulevard, and I get my money, easy as pie.  In fact, I should have gone there to begin with, as their service charge was less than the $3 Walmart would have charged me.

But the double talk I got from Walmart was most interesting.  If their machines can read every check, or if I have a credit issue of some kind, then that’s the kind of information we the consumers need to know so we’re not wasting our collective time there.


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