The Pilgrimage To Wally World

So yesterday, I took the 40 minute walk over to the local Walmart when the store reopened at 6am the day after Christmas.  Wanted to get in, and get out.  As Bill Murray said in Stripes, it’s like going into Wisconsin.

I thought there would be a big crowd there when the store opened, but that was hardly the case.  You only get big crowds at a Walmart reopen the day after Thanksgiving.

So I worked my way to the back center of the building, the Electronics section.  I had to get one of those DVD-ROM games to go with the Xbox 360 I received for Christmas.  I was hoping that the Madden 13 game would be there.  No such luck.  You would think they would stock up on them during the holiday break, but not to be.

But I had given this scenario some thought.  And I decided that in that event, I would get NCAA Football 13 instead.  So, I may do a review of the game for The Wide World Of Simulated Sports blog that I also run.

These video games have very addicting qualities to them.  Reminds me of that Star Trek: The Next Generation episode called “The Game” where the whole crew gets addicted to this futuristic video game that uses the brain and eyes as controllers.  I found the realism of the NCAA game quite interesting, and five or six hours had passed before I knew it.

When distraction becomes an addiction, it can’t bode well for society as a whole.  Or can it?


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