Take The Bullets Out Of Their Gun

Much like Ivan Drago of Rocky IV, I'm on a mission to break the will of telemarketers.
Much like Ivan Drago of Rocky IV, I’m on a mission to break the will of telemarketers.

As I mentioned back on November 1st (and before that on October 9th), I noticed a pattern with a series of calls I’d gotten at home.  All sorts of charitable organizations with either the words “Florida” or “National” had called, seeking donations.

No, I never did go with the idea of a $100 challenge to get all of these organizations from passing my number along to each other.  My thinking is they’d rather defend the right to bother you en toto before they’d take such a challenge.  However, I may get back to that.

There was something else I noticed about these organizations.  They all want to record you.  Some ask your permission, some assume the answer of yes.

I hadn’t gotten any of these calls over the holidays, but on early Sunday afternoon as I was watching the fate of Robert Griffin III at the helm of the Washington Redskins in their playoff game with the Seattle Seahawks, I get a call from a 407 number, with the caller ID lighting up as unknown.  Sure enough, the “ACLU wing” of telemarketers was back at my door.

However, I had a plan.  As soon as they say the call is being recorded or asked for permission to record, I hang up.

And when the next arm of the “ACLU wing” calls me, I will be ready.  Sooner or later, I will break their will.


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