Whose Order Is This, Anyways?

So last week, I go into the McDonald’s at the Walmart Supercenter off of US 19 not too far from where I live in Pinellas Park after getting a few things.  It was right around dinner time, and I felt a little fast food would do the trick for me.

I was with my mother that day, and she wanted to get a couple of things for her boyfriend to keep him happy.  And here’s where the “fun” started.

The order had four different items on it, and the lady taking my order keeps interrupting me.  She thinks she knows the order I’m trying to place better than I do.  For example, my part of the order was a Big Mac, and order of fries, and a chocolate shake.  And she keeps getting me to choose the Big Mac, fries, and coke as part of one of their combination meals.

I wanted to say to this lady: I’m ordering for three people here, and you’re not helping make this easy.  Have you never heard the phrase the customer is always right?  (Although these days, I think the phrase has changed to: the customer is always punished.)

This lady didn’t really like me all that much, but if so, I really don’t care.  She shouldn’t have cut me off as I was ordering.  I’m trying to generate revenue for her employers, and here she was defeating her own purpose.


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