Flashback Friday: “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash

Hello, I’m NOT Johnny Cash.

The Man In Black left us ten years ago yesterday on September 12, 2003. May he continue to rest in peace.



911I was off on 9/11/01, living in Largo, Florida at the time.

Happened to catch MSNBC going into news bulletin mode, gaping hole in the WTC.

Thought it was tragic, but probably an all day story since it happened in New York.

I called up my mother’s workplace since her sister (and my aunt) worked in Midtown Manhattan..really didn’t know the geography of Manhattan all that well despite being there a few times. I’m on with the switchboard operator when I see the second explosion.

Didn’t see the plane go in until they replayed it. I thought two things instantly. One: this can’t be an accident. Two: what the hell is going on?!?


A Trip To Petco

Say hello to my little friend: clowning around with my landlord's cat, Harry, back in July.
Say hello to my little friend: clowning around with my landlord’s cat, Harry, back in July.

On a quiet Sunday morning, I took my landlord’s cat Harry to the nearby Petco off of US 19 here in Pinellas Park to get his nails clipped in preparation for his return to his owners in a couple of weeks.

There’s a bit of a backstory here.

The last time I traveled with an animal was back in 1989 when I was a senior in high school, and we had to take a cocker spaniel named Holly to the vet off of Seminole Boulevard in Seminole. We didn’t have a kennel to put her in, so she rode with my dad while I rode shotgun.

She’d never been in a vehicle before with us, and was barking up a storm. Not only that, but she proceeded to defecate all over the car! Dog dung was almost everywhere with very little on hand to clean it up. If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, one of my teachers from Largo High School was saying hello to me while we’re cleaning up, and she had to have noticed all the land mines Holly had left in my dad’s jeep.

Fast forwarding to here and now, Harry’s trip to and from Petco was uneventful. He cooperated with me and allowed me to place him in his kennel, and the trip up was full of him meowing, no doubt wondering “Hey! Where are we going?!?” Once the Petco employees did their jobs and did their manicuring work, he didn’t say a word until he got back to the safety of his home.

Keith Olbermann on the NFL Concussion Problem

It’s going to be a light week for me on the blogosphere. I turn 42 in three days, plus Labor Day kind of fouls up my current blogging schedule of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on the main blog, and Sundays on the Big Brother Diaries blog. Yes, I decided to continue blogging Big Brother while boycotting the live feeds and TV shows for the rest of the season. It can be done, I’ve followed BB like that before for a few seasons.

You wouldn’t know it the way ESPN promotes it, but Keith Olbermann is back on TV with a sports version of his Countdown format. On Friday night past, he had some comments about the recent settlement between the NFL and their alums over some of the health problems former players have had.

I know some of you hate Keith, but when he does sports, he reminds me a lot of the late Howard Cosell.