Sideboob Hour At Walmart

In line at Walmart, Pinellas Park, Fla. on October 4, 2013.
In line at Walmart, Pinellas Park, Fla. on October 4, 2013.

So this is the day of the week I usually trek to the Walmart Supercenter megaplex. Along with getting groceries, I went and got a cooling fan for the notebook computer I currently work on along with the usual menagerie of groceries.

Some of you have no doubt visited websites that goof on the people who visit Walmart and the lack of sense they seem to collectively have. Going to Walmart is fun for me, but it also tests my patience to the point where I could easily get road rage driving a grocery cart without practicing self-restraint.

I notice this woman in the cleaning and detergent section on the grocery half of the store. She’s kind of a mix between a redhead and a brunette, between 30 and 35 and wearing a white T-shirt a size or two too large for her.

There’s something else I notice as I pass by her: she’s not wearing a bra, and showing off the side-boob of her petite frame. With a shirt that large around her arms, it’s hard NOT to notice. No, I didn’t look in any farther, just wasn’t a polite thing to do.

Now back when I went to elementary and middle school in the 1980’s, I would look every now and then. Some of the girls wouldn’t wear bras and would wear shirts too large and unintentionally nip slip the boys. And yes, I would have to strategically place books at a certain location to hide an expanding body part. It happens, I suppose.

Or think about baseball or football…

Now watch me get a spam comment regarding impotence or Viagra. Calling that right now.

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