Good Bye Blackberry, Hello IPhone

Striking a pose with my IPhone.

Striking a pose with my IPhone 4.

After spending every day since September 1, 2011 with a Blackberry, and debating whether or not to switch over to an IPhone a countless number of times, the deed has been done with amazing swiftness.

The phone was ordered on Saturday as a Christmas present, a steal (I thought) for its $199 price. Virgin Mobile said don’t expect the phone for three to four business days.

It got here in a little under 49 hours shipping from Indianapolis. Watching the football games yesterday and seeing all that snow in the Midwest and Northeast, this exceeded my wildest dreams.

I got an IPhone 4, quickly upgrading it to an IOS 7 operating system.  Seems to work well.

The Blackberry will sit in a closet drawer for now. If the IPhone breaks (which I hope doesn’t happen, trust me), I may call on it again.

Needless to say, the IPhone technology is very impressive, even without a Siri to talk to. I just thought that would be a little too awkward for now.

Kudos to Fedex for an amazing job getting it here so quickly. I wished the worker a Merry Christmas. Never too early to do that, I suppose.


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