As Your Attorney, I Advise You To…

So I watched “Where The Buffalo Roam” on Netflix recently. I had seen it years ago, knowing who Bill Murray was, but at the time not knowing who Hunter S. Thompson was.

If it wasn’t for producing Stan Major’s late night national talk show back in 1991-92, the name still probably wouldn’t ring bells for me.

You have to be a bit of a character to call a late night show, that’s for sure. One of the more unique characters was a lady named Jade. She’d mention Dr. Thompson a few times to me before I put her on with Stanley, and Stan would flirt with her on the air (part of his shtick) and she’d play coy back.

By the fall of 1992, Stan left our network and had gone literally down Ulmerton Road to Sonny Bloch’s IBN. Frank Kinsman had taken over Stan’s spot, and one night one of my co-producers had brought in a guest, which wasn’t too unusual.

And that’s how I wound up meeting Jade. As best as I remember, Jade was a slender built woman with salt and pepper hair, roughly 40. She looked like she had a good share of parties in her day at the point I had met her.

But we in Radio Land tend to be disembodied voices. When faces are inter connected, sometimes the thrill departs. A shame our network didn’t consider hiring Jade, she would have been a good hire if someone taught her how talk radio works.


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