Making Up The Rules As They Go Along

So there’s this widow in Cape Coral who is being thrown out of her home because she doesn’t have electricity or a running water supply.

What is so odd about it all is that international property maintenance code is being cited. Not the codes of our country, but international code!

As I have learned first hand, condos and apartments are pretty pushy when it comes to enforcing their rules on their tenants. They give the majority of the rule breakers a pass, then pick and choose who to make examples of.

Note that the story also mentions that the woman in question has a bit of a record, which is a double edged sword. The fact that she had a record seems to me that this complex in Cape Coral knew exactly what battle they wanted to pick. They wanted to target someone who did not have all the means at their disposal to fight back.

It’s all about maximizing the profits of these property managers. Nothing more, nothing less.


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