Flashback Friday: “Dark Lady” by Cher

Climbing the charts roughly 40 years ago was this hit by Cher, another one of the “first songs” I remember from childhood long before I understood the story.  It would be her last #1 hit until “Believe” topped the charts in 1998.

Have a good weekend, and enjoy the 48th Super Bowl on Sunday.

Things That Drive Me Crazy

This morning, some time around 7am, some yahoo decided that my house would be a good location to stop and have a cell phone conversation.

Now this is the sort of thing I would take to my block captain, especially had I managed to look at the time and noticed it was 6:59 or earlier. The problem is the block captain loves to break the rules herself, which doesn’t lend credibility to the neighborhood.

Here I am, stuck into listening to this phone conversation on a cold morning that has little relevance to me. Should this guy ever ask me for a favor, I’ll be sure to get a “no” out before he utters three words. That will be my revenge. I just hope that day comes.

Carry on, Mr. Yahoo. What you must ask yourself is why.

Beginnings And Endings

Visiting Serenity Gardens in Largo, Fla. where my father is buried, January 25th, 2014.
Visiting Serenity Gardens in Largo, Fla. where my father is buried, January 25th, 2014.

It’s an interesting time in my life right now where things are beginning to improve.

Back in December, I looked into getting various transcription jobs. I wound up getting one company that wanted to hire me but couldn’t employ me right away and a company that hired me right away that didn’t have any work.  So, I went back to writing books (with another book coming out Saturday) for a bit, and then Thursday, I got the good news.

The company that couldn’t employ me, Rev Transcriptions, did.  I started work for them that night.  The only problem is my transcription speed absolutely blows.  I listen to a few words, type them out, listen to some more, type them out, and so on.  Plus, I do not have the foot pedal yet, and doing transcribing without is like a doctor without a stethoscope.

Overall, I kept a good attitude about things, and I consider this “rough patch” I’m going through now as a “paying my dues” period. We all have to go through that, no matter where we work.

On Saturday morning, I was off to Largo with my mother to visit the grave of my father who passed away January 28, 1991. We had a discussion about what to do if either of us was ill to the point where either me or her were on life support.

I told her that if I was in a situation where I am on life support and my chances at recovery where next to nil, that I would want my life terminated. I don’t want to suffer like my dad did with his cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, and my grandparents each had Alzheimer’s.

I also want to be cremated when the time comes.

Have that talk with someone you love. It’s not like there’s a clock over your head and you get to know when your time is up. Have that talk before you can no longer have that talk.


In the era of the smartphone…

Why do watch sports when we can get the score on the ESPN or Scoremobile app?

Why do we watch the weatherman when we can get the weather with another app? (I prefer Storm Shield myself.)

Why do we watch movies when we have Netflix?

Why do we play the radio when we have Tunein or IHeart Radio?

Why do we play games on an Xbox or a Playstation when you can play them on a phone?

Why do we watch CNN or Fox News when we have a Breaking News app?

Sometimes, society fights obsolescence a little too hard.

Are we in danger of dramatic lifestyle changes with all these gadgets?

Don’t Bite The Hands That Feed You

So I was watching Leo Laporte‘s “The Tech Guy” show on Saturday.

I’ve been a fan of his on and off over the years, and when I got my IPhone for Christmas it gave me a chance to listen to him some more. But I was slowly learning that Leo had a dark side to him, I guess like we all do.

If you ever watch the video version of his show, it is basically another show entirely to watch him during the commercials. After the first break Saturday, he saw that one of the chatters said something he disagreed with, so Laporte decides to call that particular chatter something rhyming with a trucking moron.

So much like how parted ways with Alex Jones this week in terms of being a listener, I do the same with Leo. There is no difference in my mind between the two incidents. Why should I listen if you’re going to bash your listenership as a group?

I wonder what Kim Komando is up to, anyways..

When Robert Ludlum Called Stan Major

The night was January 1, 1992 when this took place. Normally, I would have been the board operator that night, but I was given the option over the ’91-’92 holidays to take either Christmas off or New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day off at the Sun Radio Network where this interview took place.

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we just played reel-to-reel tapes of Christmas music with the exception of top of the hour news from UPI. Easy way to earn double time pay, I thought.

Trained a board operator named Randy (whose last name I forget) who came to us from WPSO up in Pasco County around that time, because I also had the weekend off before Christmas and had gone to Fort Wilderness in Disney World with my family. Thus we needed another op who knew the ins and outs of the shift.

But good to hear that clip again. Hadn’t heard it in years.

A Rant About A Ranter

So on Monday, I made the mistake of tuning in to the radio show hosted by Alex Jones.

Probably a mistake I will never make again.

On Monday, he started his show talking about how one of his many prophecies of how the “bankster government” had come true, and he was calling his audience a bunch of idiots because he knew all of his in advance.

(It kind of reminded me of the scene in Andy Griffith’s movie “A Face In The Crowd” where he thinks the audio has been cut at the end of his TV show, but Patricia Neal’s character seizes the audio feed and plays Lonesome Rhodes telling his co-horts what idiots he thinks his audience is.)

I’ve heard him mention how a lot of our leaders and industry heads like Ted Turner and Mark Zuckerburg don’t think much of us commoners. That’s fine. That’s their opinions.

But here’s Mr. Jones saying the exact same thing.

Does it not make you wonder that Alex is not one of “us” but one of “them?”

And notice how Alex Jones tries to be the “top dog” in the conspiracy movement, and is all about his own self-promotion. Of course! Because is Alex is “taken out” somehow (or moves to another country and is never heard from again) the movement dies with him.

Never believe things are totally bad, or totally good for the matter. Things are usually somewhere in the middle.

Stop Drinking Soda!

Me, January 13, 2014...do I look happier?
Me, January 13, 2014…do I look happier?

Wasn’t planning on blogging tonight, but I forgot to mention my resolution for the New Year. And if you do what I’ve done over the years, I recommend it to you.

Stop drinking soda, completely.


Well it doesn’t do wonders for your gut and your teeth, I’ve learned first hand.

Diet soda might actually be worse considering it has aspartame in it…

Aspartame is a dangerous little sweener that does more harm than good!
Aspartame is a dangerous little sweener that does more harm than good!

I must confess that last week I did have a medium soda when I got my haircut at Walmart. But I figured having a milkshake would be worse for me, and a diet soda even worse than that.

So that’s my goal this year: cutting out soda.  Soda sucks.


That’s How You Do It

Back on May 28th, 2013 I channeled my inner grumpy old man and bitched about how the national anthem was done in a self-serving way by some of the performance artists of our era.

I was watching the Panthers/49ers game in Charlotte on FOX, as saw the solo by Jesse McGuire.

After hearing that, I have six words for you: now that’s what I’m talking about!

I just hope the NFL allows the snippet of their sanctimonious broadcast to stay on YouTube.

Flashback Friday: “Midnight Lady” by Chris Norman

I have never heard of this song prior to a couple of days ago, but hearing it on one of the ITunes radio stations…wow.

Chris Norman is best known here in the US for his work on a duet with Suzi Quatro for a 1979 hit called “Stumblin’ In.”  Seven years later, he had a hit in Europe with songwriter Dieter Bohlen with this absolutely beautiful ballad.

Have a good weekend!