A Productive Holiday Season

So now that we’re out of the brainwashing spell of the holidays that just past (although today is Epiphany), I get to share with you what I did over the season.

I wrote two books. One of which was blog entries from this blog in 2013. Thought it would be a good cross-promotion idea.

The biggest problem is writing books is getting people to buy them. I thought the books would sell better at 99 cents, but it’s tough getting a promotional vehicle for the books up and running without putting dollars behind it.

I have thought about selling the books at $2.99, though.  I would get paid $2 in royalties each time someone buys the books, truth be told, but I wonder if that would scare people off.

Oh well.  I’ll give it thought and make a decision this week, and the decision will not take effect until February 1st to give everyone fair warning.


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