A Rant About A Ranter

So on Monday, I made the mistake of tuning in to the radio show hosted by Alex Jones.

Probably a mistake I will never make again.

On Monday, he started his show talking about how one of his many prophecies of how the “bankster government” had come true, and he was calling his audience a bunch of idiots because he knew all of his in advance.

(It kind of reminded me of the scene in Andy Griffith’s movie “A Face In The Crowd” where he thinks the audio has been cut at the end of his TV show, but Patricia Neal’s character seizes the audio feed and plays Lonesome Rhodes telling his co-horts what idiots he thinks his audience is.)

I’ve heard him mention how a lot of our leaders and industry heads like Ted Turner and Mark Zuckerburg don’t think much of us commoners. That’s fine. That’s their opinions.

But here’s Mr. Jones saying the exact same thing.

Does it not make you wonder that Alex is not one of “us” but one of “them?”

And notice how Alex Jones tries to be the “top dog” in the conspiracy movement, and is all about his own self-promotion. Of course! Because is Alex is “taken out” somehow (or moves to another country and is never heard from again) the movement dies with him.

Never believe things are totally bad, or totally good for the matter. Things are usually somewhere in the middle.


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