Don’t Bite The Hands That Feed You

So I was watching Leo Laporte‘s “The Tech Guy” show on Saturday.

I’ve been a fan of his on and off over the years, and when I got my IPhone for Christmas it gave me a chance to listen to him some more. But I was slowly learning that Leo had a dark side to him, I guess like we all do.

If you ever watch the video version of his show, it is basically another show entirely to watch him during the commercials. After the first break Saturday, he saw that one of the chatters said something he disagreed with, so Laporte decides to call that particular chatter something rhyming with a trucking moron.

So much like how parted ways with Alex Jones this week in terms of being a listener, I do the same with Leo. There is no difference in my mind between the two incidents. Why should I listen if you’re going to bash your listenership as a group?

I wonder what Kim Komando is up to, anyways..


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