The Game Is Broken

Tomorrow, as many of you know, is the 48th Super Bowl.

Excuse me, Super Bowl…let’s see…X-L-V-III.

The teams from Denver and Seattle play each other just to the west of New York City in probably the biggest sporting event the biggest city in the United States has yet to see, until the area finds a way to host the Olympics one day in the future.

It will be the 37th Super Bowl I’ve seen either live or on TV that I remember, having attended the 25th Super Bowl live at Tampa Stadium in 1991. Although I must admit I didn’t watch much of Super Bowl XV back in 1981. I wasn’t a big fan of Oakland or Philadelphia back then, and I was much more interested in a cartoon from the 1960’s called “The Man Called Flintstone” playing at the same time on WTBS then I was of that particular game.

And remember, I was only nine when that Super Bowl was played.

I try to avoid all of the hype of these games nowadays, just get me to about 6:00 Sunday, if you please.

I am beginning to wonder how long the NFL continues on as the marquee sport here in the United States, with the revelations about how these “gladiators” suffer mightily for their profession. Football will eventually go the way of boxing, I fear. Quick, name any of the current heavyweight boxing champions.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

(Currently: Wladimir Klitschko is the only heavyweight boxing champion, while the WBC title is vacant.)

Another public relations nightmare hit the league this week as the one man who arguably did more put the Super Bowl on the map, Joe Namath, admitted on television that he believes he has brain damage from his playing days.

Financial motivations Mr. Namath may or may not have had aside, the sport is in trouble. Giving former player chump change and having the federal courts say the compensation former players are getting is not enough makes Roger Goodell look like Don King.

I’m surprised there hasn’t been talk about going back to leather helmets, as used the NFL in the 1930’s and 40’s, and abolishing face masks.  Might be worth a try.


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