As many of you know by now, Seattle crushed Denver 43-8 to win the Super Bowl last night.

I liked Seattle to win the game ever since the conference championships were played.  Why?

Football is a sport that a lot of fans look at who a team beats as a gauge of how well a team plays. I submit that it isn’t who you beat, it’s who you play.

I remember Tampa Bay being a huge underground in early 2000 when they played the darlings of the country, the St. Louis Rams, in 2000. I read an AOL post in the lead up to the game from a poster that reminded everyone that the Rams hadn’t played a defense as good as the Bucs had that year. Remember that the Bucs had a 6-5 lead late into the game before the Rams scored a late TD for the 11-6 win, and that the Bucs got screwed out of a call at the end of the game with a Bert Emmanuel catch nullified on a poor replay call.

Similarly, I kept wondering who was the best defense the Broncos had played all year, and how they struggled against other playoff teams during the regular-season. I felt Seattle would give them problems that the Broncos may not have answers for, and would foul up Denver’s passing attack reliant on picks that looked a lot like something you’d see in basketball.

I thought it would be a close game. I had no idea it was going to be a Seattle rout.


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