A Box Of Dreams

Today was one of those days I should have listened to that voice inside my head.

The voice that was telling me: “Don’t buy that! It’s not what you think it is!”  Alarm bells were going off, but the train ran down the tracks anyway.

What I bought was a package called “The App Shortcut,” and it cost $97. The sales video implied that anyone can make IPhone apps and make riches off of it.

Well, yes and no. The author and presenter also assumes you have the capital for such a startup, such as the almost $100 to become an Apple web developer, and the minimum of $1,000 it costs to outsource your idea to a developer professional. The problem is a lot of people buy this in hopes it gives them financial salvation when it only puts them deeper in the hole, potentially.

These are the sort of things that should have been mentioned up front in my opinion, but were not.  It’s unfortunate in this day and age we have people more interested in putting buyers in the ether rather than being honest brokers.

Somewhere along the road between expectations and assumptions, that particular road has potholes, and let’s be honest: I may have put a few of those potholes there with my personal expectations.

Back to the transcriber business for me. It’s not making beaucoup bucks for me yet, but it is honest work.


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