RIP Shirley Temple


I am finding out this morning that Shirley Temple has died.

I don’t think I’m telling you anything new if I had told you about the career Shirley Temple had. Back in the era when the market would only have four or five TV stations on, Shirley Temple movies used to run here on Sunday mornings when I was a kid, which was some three decades ago.

One day, I was going on coming home from school about how great Shirley Temple was. I was reminded by my babysitter who was walking home that that Shirley was much older in real life now as opposed to the films I had been seeing several decades previously.

She was an icon to kids growing up no matter what time frame they did grow up, served our country well as an ambassador to Czechoslovakia and Ghana, and was one of the first women to go public about the terrible disease that is breast cancer. Nothing seemed to slow her down but time itself.

It is a sad day, but she lived a great life


One Comment

  1. You are so right about “no matter what time frame”. I remember growing up watching Shirley Temple movies. She was an amazing woman.


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