Games, Games, And More Games

The most talked about pair of eyes since Kim Carnes did that song about Bette Davis back in 1981.
The most talked about pair of eyes since Kim Carnes did that song about Bette Davis back in 1981.

Like many of you, I’ve been spending most of the past week watching the Olympics from Sochi, Russia aired on NBC and its affiliated cable networks.

Would I be wrong to say that the Olympics have not gotten off to a good start in the United States? While I admit it’s hard sometimes to get going in the various sports included in the Olympics, and I’m not good at any of them, it just seems outside of hockey that we haven’t gotten any good breaks, especially at the extreme sports that we usually tend to dominate.

No, I don’t have a mouse in my pocket. I’m American, so I can use the word “we” when it comes to how the United States performs.

It hasn’t been the best of Olympics are NBC either between Bob Costas and his infected peepers and that abortion of an interview of Bode Miller by Cristin Cooper.

Was it really necessary to make Mr. Miller cry during that interview after winning the bronze medal? I didn’t think so, and I hope viewers feel the same way and voice those opinions to NBC for the good it will do them. Cristin is no Howard Cosell, and shouldn’t try to be.

Hopefully the final week will go better than the first ten days did.  The men’s hockey team is doing spectacularly well, besting the Russians 3-2 in a preliminary round game right in front of Vladimir Putin on the way to a perfect 3-0 mark in the round-robin phase of the tournament.  Please, don’t call it a “Miracle on Ice” if the USA wins gold.  Totally no comparison to the remarkable team of 1980 and what they did.  It’s comparing apples to bananas, not apples to oranges.


Author: tbpauly

Former radio professional (1989-1996), currently residing in Pinellas Park, FL. Blogging since 2004, at least.

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