Fun With Stan And Jade

Back on January 18th, I had a clip of Stan Major talking to the late Robert Ludlum back on New Year’s Morning of 1992.

Today, I have another goody for you thanks to the Neil Rogers Audio Restoration efforts over at

This time, the clip comes from August 27th, 1992.  Hurricane Andrew had hit just south of Miami as what was thought as a Category 4 hurricane. (Years later, the storm would be reclassified as a “5” hurricane, the strongest category possible). Stan’s fielding calls from the Clearwater Sun Radio Network studios where I worked.

As was the case with the clip from January 1st, I am not the board op here, but the “ship” was in capable hands as one of my pals from those days, Troy L., was running the board. By that time, I only ran the board on Stan’s show on Friday nights.

A couple of more notes to set the scene, if you please:

This is one of Stan’s last shows on Sun Radio Network, as he was replaced by Frank Kinsman about a week or so after this show aired.  Stan simply went down Ulmerton Road about a quarter of a mile and did his overnight show on Sonny Bloch’s Independent Broadcasters Network, which was a spin-off of SRN of sorts when Bloch got canned from here in 1991.

At the 47:30 mark of the clip or so, you’ll hear the infamous Jade from Tampa that I mentioned back in December and that sexy voice of hers.

And finally, it wasn’t too long after this that the SRN studios moved from East Clearwater to new digs in northeast St. Petersburg, which was actually a trip of a few minutes and not even a mile away. I was the last board operation on shift at the Clearwater location and the first one at the new location.  We switched locations at 12:30 on a Monday afternoon, so when the mid-hour news summary came on, I took the carts that I had used that half-hour, walked down to my car, and drove over to the new location while another board-op station keeped until I could get there.


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