Flashback Friday: “Holding Out For A Hero” by Bonnie Tyler

This Friday, we come back to one of my favorite artists of the 1980’s, and this is my favorite song of Bonnie’s that made me a fan of hers for life.  It was also the first 45 I ever owned at the age of twelve, picking it up at the old Peaches records store across the street from the then enclosed Clearwater Mall.

I guess you can say it was one of those “you had to be there” moments of pop culture.  And if the opening sounds familiar, Steinman used it himself on a song he did called “Stark Raving Love” a few years prior back in 1981 on his “Bad For Good” album, which was the same album “Rock And Roll Dreams Come True” appears on.  That tune scored Steinman his biggest hit, and Meatloaf a top-20 hit twelve years later in 1993.

I remember hearing ads for the Footloose soundtrack, starring rock n’ roll loving Kevin Bacon who sets a small midwest town on its ear by committing the sacrilege of listening to rock music, much to the chargin of the minister played brilliantly by John Lithgow.

This song was supposed to be the centerpiece of the soundtrack garnering tons of media publicity, with Tyler appearing in a David Copperfield special to promote the would-be hit.  In the movie, the song revolved around a game of automotive chicken played in dueling tractors.  Thirty years ago this month (or thereabouts) this song entered the top 40, but fizzled in the 30’s after a few weeks.  It wound up being Bonnie Tyler’s last top 40 hit to date, though she continues to do well in other parts of the globe.

Have a good weekend, which we’ll hopefully be all here for.  With Mr. Putin around, you never know.


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