Which Way Did It Go?

Like many of you this week, I’ve been paying attention to the news events surround a Malaysian flight that’s been missing or has crashed a week ago.

I’d give you the latest developments, but one, the story keeps changing, and two, I wrote this story for release on Saturday morning at 7pm Friday night.

(EDIT: Late word, as of 12:45am Saturday morning, is that the Malaysian government now believes the plane was hijacked.)

For several days, I was pretty sure that the plane suffered a sudden cabin depressurization like the 1999 plane crash that killed Payne Stewart. Now, I’m not so sure about that. Then again, the way the story has been breathlessly (and some may say exploitatively) carried on the cable news outlets like CNN, how can anyone be sure of anything?

This is one of those occasions I would NOT want to be working in the media, as this particular story may be one of the most complex events in the news since the Apollo moon landings. It’s also intriguing how the media scoffs at conspiracy theories and theorists, but yet what we’ve seen the past week could be considered a series of theories.

I hope this story gets resolved soon, and I hope the families either get their closure or maybe even one of the great miracles of all time. But I’m resigned to the fact that this story could take months or even years to resolve.

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