The Foot Pedal

Balancing a transcription foot pedal on my right lap.  March 17, 2014.

Balancing a transcription foot pedal on my right lap. (Which I did so the photo would have more light.) March 17, 2014.

A transcriptionist without a foot pedal is like a doctor without a stethoscope, or so it is said. Just don’t ask me who said it, I have no idea.

On Thursday, I ordered an Infinity foot pedal to aid in my transcribing work. I wasn’t supposed to get until March 20th, but yet I woke up and checked my Amazon order page this morning and noticed the package was in Tampa, meaning it would be here most likely today.

Funny how some things you order in the mail by Amazon get here faster than other things.

It would be delivered by USPS as they made their usual mail rounds today, or so I thought. As I usually tend to do when I know a package is coming, I sit in the living room by the front door window right next to the mailbox.

At 3:30 or so on this stormy Monday, the mailman makes his pass, and just delivers the usual mail. Curses! Did he deliver my package to the wrong address? My mind is racing as to what on Earth happened with the anxiousness of a child awaiting his/her Christmas morning gifts from Santa Claus via their parents. But a little less than an hour later, I hear the knock on my door.

“You’ve got a package!”, the mailman said, for which I thanked him for.

I turned on my HP computer, plugged it in to my USB port, and voila! The pedal works well with the Express Scribe software I purchased a week and a half ago.

Hopefully business picks up now with the pedal in my possession.  I’m giving things about a month before I decide whether or not to stick with this or try other avenues of revenues. I have big plans for the remainder of 2014.


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