All Sports Are Merely Entertainment

My attitudes are changing towards the sports world.

I was reminded of that watching the Arizona-Wisconsin regional final Saturday night. The Wildcats had a chance to win the game in the overtime period, but the officials decided that would be a good time to call an offensive foul that’s rarely, if ever, called in potential game-winning situation. It would certainly not have been called that way in the NBA, where usually the players are allowed to decide outcomes of specific games.

Later that night, there was I guess what you could call a small riot in Tucson, Arizona, as angry Wildcat fans voiced their displeasure. I’m not saying that this is the right thing to do by any means…I merely am saying that’s what happened.

Recently, I read a book on Kindle called “The Fix Is In” by Brian Tuohy, and I recommend it to all sports fans. It was written a few years ago, and it brilliantly explains how sports can be manipulated, if not fixed. It also explains one very important point: while it is illegal for teams or athletes to attempt to rig games, there’s nothing to prevent the sports leagues themselves from doing the same thing.

When Mark Cuban says, for instance, that the NFL may implode within ten years, I wouldn’t doubt it. Yes, he is an NBA owner who often gets in trouble by making allegations the league chooses to fine him for. With CBS augmenting its NFL football package to add Thursday night games on top of its Sunday afternoon contests, the day is getting closer (I feel) for the NFL to be embroiled in a major scandal in its near future.

The fans can make it academic by stop going to the games, but in doing so, you ask for fans to shun what they love. Not very realistic that something like that will happen. We’ll just have to prepare for the repercussions once they come, or if they ever do.


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