Fear The Beards

I was watching the Tampa Bay Rays-Toronto Blue Jays game on TV tonight, and I noticed how beards have become much popular amongst athletes and TV stars.

When I think of the beard trend, I think of Duck Dynasty, of course. Then I think of Daniel Bryan (yes, yes, yes), the WWE wrestler in the “system vs. a very over star” feud on their RAW circuit currently. Then there’s Spencer Clawson, the contestant on last year’s season of Big Brother who made some rather unfortunate comments, as did many on that season. I guess it gave us something to talk about.

I’m not a big fan of the trend, but I consider myself a pretty vanilla person.

I don’t like tattoos, but if a woman has one I do not consider it a deal breaker.

I don’t like piercings in unusual parts or places.

Not into women with implants in the boobies. If I wanted to suck on silicone, I’d eat my computer. But I’d probably die from doing that, so cancel that thought.

Maybe I’m just not “hip” enough, but that’s just fine by me.


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