Would You Like To Try For 15?

The Democratic Party is really starting to annoy this blogger.

Remember back on March 11th, when I was talking about how Alex Sink and her menagerie of phone numbers kept calling my home?

Well, I’ve been blessed to have gotten a 14th call from them since March 10th yesterday afternoon. Earlier in the morning, I went through the voice mail and deleted six messages from various numbers on Alex’s behalf, three each from two separate numbers, so later that day, they have the temerity to call again under the guise of some poll.

It was a recorded voice mail call, so I knew it didn’t make sense to yell at the people at the other end of the phone. But, after being reminded of how rude the Sink people were being last month, I went into William Shatner “KHAAANNN!!!” mode:


The pre-recorded voice failed to respond, naturally. Maybe I need to vote Libertarian this fall, or God forbid, Republican. David Jolly has to defend his newly won seat in November, and if Alex Sink is indeed the Democratic finalist, perhaps I need to remind people of what happened in March.

That is, if I’m still here in Florida.

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