On Location

On top of the Howard Frankland Bridge that connects Pinellas County to Tampa.  April 17, 2014.
On top of the Howard Frankland Bridge that connects Pinellas County to Tampa. April 17, 2014.

Another milestone for this blog: this morning I writing this entry from somewhere other than my home for the first time in its history.

I’m accompanying my mother over here at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center in Orlando as she takes part in a statewide dietician’s seminar. She usually takes one of her work friends, but this time I was asked to come along, and I thought visiting another big city would make good fodder for the blog.

The 90 mile trip or so was uneventful, as it was the first time I’ve been outside of the Tampa Bay area in a few years. I-4 was a breeze with a minimum of traffic to negotiate with when you have at least three lanes in your direction at all times. Arriving a little after 2pm, we thought there would be a wait to get to the room, but we were told at the desk that nope, we could claim our room right away.

The room itself is a few floors up, and the view is basically a side of the adjoining Florida Mall. I remember visiting the mall once back in the 1990’s off of the Orange Blossom Trail, but I don’t remember the hotel being there at that time, but it may have been. The mall is very spacious, reminding me of Tyrone Square Mall back in St. Petersburg, visiting there numerous times in my youth. Everything is on one level, no escalators or elevators to go up and down on. (When I was little, I hated escalators with a passion, but I eventually got over that fear.)

Today, while the maternal unit is attending her seminars, I’ve got a few things to do. More on that on Monday in part two.


Author: tbpauly

Former radio professional (1989-1996), currently residing in Pinellas Park, FL. Blogging since 2004, at least.

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