RIP Dave Wagenvoord

I have learned tonight from multiple sources that Dave Wagenvoord, who owned WTAN AM 1340 in Clearwater where I once worked, passed away this morning, April 21st.

There is a “rest of the story” to Dave I don’t believe I’ve told.

One day, I was doing my board operator duties at Sun Radio Network sometime in 1990’s, a few years after my firing at WTAN, but I forget the year. Naturally, I was a little curious about what they were doing in the SRN offices, how could I not be? But Dave saw my face, and gave me a wave, and I gave him a wave back. I held no grudges over what happened, although my board operator duties kept me from talking to him that afternoon.

Wagenvoord continued to (with a brief hiatus in the early 1990’s) run WTAN until the day he died. The last of the “mom and pop” stations going up against the corporate machines such as CBS and Clear Channel’s that are all over the dial in every market in America.

I know others in the media field may have issues with how Dave and Lola ran the station, but now is not the time for those issues. Hope he rests in peace.



  1. Thank you for your kind words about my dad. No, he was not perfect, but he typically wasn’t one to hold grudges. I will always have great respect and admiration for his work ethic. Most people, by the time they reach the age of 81, have parked it. I always knew he would be one who vigorously works and lives life completely engaged, until their last breath. I witnessed this daily, as I grew up.


  2. I also worked for Dave Wagenvoord. Dave gave me my first Commercial radio engineering job in 1986 fresh out of school. The station was KLAV Las Vegas. I thought it was great. I will never forget this, He had a 1964 and a half convertible Ford Mustang. It was red with white interior. He let me drive it through Las Vegas several times. It was great. He and Lola, bought a station here in Little Rock a few years ago. I also was working for him at that station as well. Dave will be greatly missed. Rest in piece my friend.


    1. I have worked many years for Dave as chief engineer for KLAV in Las Vegas. He also gave me a chance to have a radio show and take over the job of being production manager and doing live remotes, also meeting some of the top country artists of all time. Dave was a remarkable person and will be missed. R.I.P. Dave.


  3. This has just come as a shock to me, only a few days ago I sent an email to Lola regarding any positions they may have and to say hello to Dave.

    He knew me back when WTAN was down on the causeway, I was General Manager and Host, goes to show not to take things or others for granted, will miss you.

    Michael Gray


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