Flight 370 Fatigue

It is not my intention in this particular blog entry to sound callous, but the whole Flight 370 saga is really starting to bore me.

We hear pings!

Wait, the pings we heard yesterday were a false alarm.  Sorry.

A piece of metal washed ashore somewhere on the Australian west coast! Stand by! Breaking News!

Wait, that wasn’t from Flight 370. Sorry.

Breaking News! The search teams may have found something!

Wait, they didn’t find anything. Sorry.

You know, there are other things going on in the world, people. Like Russia sticking its nose wherever they can in the Ukraine. Or that event in Nevada at the Bundy Ranch nobody seems to want to talk about. Or the events the past week commemorating the Boston bombing that did get a little attention.

But instead, we get all Flight 370, all the time.

If this happened in 1994, CNN would probably have given it about a third of the airtime it’s giving such a story in 2014. But alas, this is just my guess.

The media of 1974 that helped break open Watergate would have been on the Malaysians like a pack of rabid dogs. Again, just my guess.

It just seems the media of the here and the now just wants to prolong the story for all they can, for ratings more than likely. It’s beyond sad. It’s depressing.


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