The Trip To Iceeville

I haven’t been doing any monthly excursions to the bank as of late, but this month I had some bankable spare cash to dispose of on Friday.  Off I went around Pinellas Park to the Shoppes At Park Place. For those of you who have been out of the Tampa Bay area for a while (and I know some of you who read this blog are), the Shoppes is an outdoor mall where Pinellas Square Mall once roughly stood.

Stopping at the Super Target (or is it just a very large Target?), I went in and had myself an Icee. Icees are much like Slurpees, except they cost about a quarter more. Back in the days when there were an abundance of K-Mart stores nationwide, you could get an Icee there, as they were usually located past the check-out counter. Side note: my dad would always call a K-Mart a K-Mark store, so one day I corrected him as he drove me to the store on Missouri Avenue just north of Largo High School.

“Dad, if the store was named K-Mark, there would be a big K at the end like the K at the start of the display.”  My dad looked me and chuckled, saying I was absolutely right. He didn’t do that too often, so it was nice to score a point where I could.

Back in the present day, I inhaled my Icee in a few minutes, strategically pausing every now and then when the onset of brain freeze appeared imminent. It was a nice retreat, but something I do sparingly, as I have questions about the health standards at some of these fast-food establishments.

Apparently, I’m not the only one out there feeling this way.

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