Watch What You Watch On Tumblr

A Tumblr pic I stumbled upon the other day, making it SFW.
A Tumblr pic I stumbled upon the other day, making it SFW with a little Microsoft Paint from me…

Since the start of the year, I’ve had a Tumblr blog. Tumblr, like WordPress, is a site for your blog, although that site seems to be more pictorially driven.

Can’t help but notice all the nudity on Tumblr.  But some of the nudity on there, let’s just say I think these women/girls are not of the legal age. You can see it in the faces. Just thought I’d give you all a heads up that you’re viewing kiddie porn at some of these blogs, and the government may not take a dim view to it one of these days.

Fair warning. If I see it, I try and make sure I see the last of it. I like my nudity to be of the legal age, thank you very much.

Cancer Sucks

Another one of my uncles passed away last Tuesday.

It had been somewhat expected for the last few weeks, as once cancer has you, it sadly doesn’t let you go. Even more unfortunately, I could not make the pilgrimage to North Carolina to say my farewells as I had hoped, but that’s another issue. Other immediate family members did get to see him that one final time. I did not get such a chance, which I blame myself for.

Cancer kills too many of us, no matter where we come from, no matter what financial standing we aspire to in life. I find it a bit cruel that we are the only country to have successfully landed on the Moon, but yet we haven’t found a cure for cancer. It took my father in 1991, and it has now taken another member of the family this year.

We spend so much time on breast cancer awareness for women, and it is a good cause worth mentioning and/or remembering. I just wish we (as a society) openly asked the question of ourselves: why has breast cancer cases gone up so significantly in the past 30 years? Is it the air we breathe? What we eat? What we drink?

The “why” has become some sort of secret, some riddle. It shouldn’t be. Each of us should be asking at least question beginning with a “why” every day. Can you tell I love questions that start with that word?

As for my uncle, he has passed into the kingdom of heaven, up there with my father and other family members. I wish him a safe journey to his reward, and look forward to seeing him again when my time comes, whenever that is.

And There Goes My High School

It’s been talked about for years, but in the summer, it will finally happen. My alma mater of Largo High School in Largo, Florida will be getting an extreme makeover. Only the football field will be retained, but everything else about the school will be razed and rebuilt, hopefully in time for the 2016-17 school year.

They opened the school up the past couple of nights so that students gone by could pay final respects. Man, if those walls could talk.

The smell of the eastern end of A wing, that unusual aroma of cigarette smoke blended in with something else. Marijuana, maybe? It could explain why I always felt so mellow after I always went by there.

My fondest memories were a little farther east in AA wing, a two story building that housed scores of lockers on the bottom floor, and classrooms on the top floor. You had to walk up a flight of stairs to get to class (and walk at a pace to where you didn’t trip other kids over, or vice versa), with a small elevator nearby usually for kids who couldn’t walk up due to injuries or what have you. Never took the elevator up my years there. Not once.

Largo High School will still be there, just as the various incarnations of Yankee Stadium have come and gone. This incarnation of LHS has lasted since the 1950’s, and was in dire need of a makeover perhaps even then. Maybe it is just the change I object to, although the change is likely for the best.

A Wild One At Wrigley

The date was May 17, 1979, which will make it 35 years ago this coming Saturday. It was the game that got me hooked on baseball for life. On this date, the Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago Cubs traded runs like Wall Street brokers. When all was finally said and done, the Cubs plated 22 runs…and lost!

Jack Brickhouse and Lou Boudreau called the game on WGN, and here’s the highlights from that game, which were numerous.

Lewinsky Revisited

The only time I really didn’t care for the Democrats was when that whole Monica Lewinsky thing happened. At the time, I felt the whole thing demeaned the presidency, and that lies about sexual relations (with that woman, as Mr. Clinton said that one fateful day) were still lies if asked about them under oath. But that’s the way I am. I tend to see black and white when others see shades of grey.

In fact, I remember that day in January 1998 when President Clinton said that, and I remember thinking no way this is true. The House of Representatives impeached him for it, but the US Senate failed to convict. Perhaps if senators went along with the rule of law they were supposed to uphold, their private lives would have been put at risk, by hook or by crook.

I don’t think, as Hillary Clinton said back then, that this was some kind of vast right-wing conspiracy. Still don’t.

I also think a much younger and probably more immature Monica Lewinsky knew what she was doing, and the President should have put a stop to it. He didn’t.

As for what Lewinsky says about being sorry for what she did recently, I take her for her word. We all do things a little crazy when we’re younger. Her escapades were just a lot more crazier than most. Make peace with the past, if all the facts are in about it.

Falling In The Shower

On Friday afternoon, I took a fall in the shower I use at home.

First off, let me assure you I am OK. The worst I got of it was a small scratch on the right side of my forehead that didn’t even draw blood. Just as red mark that looks like a squashed plus sign.

What happened was I forgot to shave (as I usually do on a Friday), and this came to mind when I was in the middle of shampooing my hair. I have a towel I always keep nearby when I shower, so I wiped my eyes that got shampoo in them, or so I thought.

By the time I got my shaving cream and razor, my eyes had gotten irritated again, but I thought I could get back into the shower safely. When my feet hit the floor of the now wet tub, I lost balance. I put my hands on the floor to brace, and down I went.

Getting up must have taken seconds, but they felt like hours. Took me a moment to make sure I wasn’t injuried, nor that the razor hadn’t slashed me anywhere. Soon, I was back up to finish up. I was lucky.

That’s why I mention this precautionary tale. What did I learn? One, it’s always a good idea to enter the shower before turning the water on. If you forget something, it’s also a good idea to do it some point after your shower, and not during. Some of you hear of older people falling in showers, but my experience has me thinking it can happen at age 42 just as easily as age 82. What happened to me can happen to anyone at any age.