Lewinsky Revisited

The only time I really didn’t care for the Democrats was when that whole Monica Lewinsky thing happened. At the time, I felt the whole thing demeaned the presidency, and that lies about sexual relations (with that woman, as Mr. Clinton said that one fateful day) were still lies if asked about them under oath. But that’s the way I am. I tend to see black and white when others see shades of grey.

In fact, I remember that day in January 1998 when President Clinton said that, and I remember thinking no way this is true. The House of Representatives impeached him for it, but the US Senate failed to convict. Perhaps if senators went along with the rule of law they were supposed to uphold, their private lives would have been put at risk, by hook or by crook.

I don’t think, as Hillary Clinton said back then, that this was some kind of vast right-wing conspiracy. Still don’t.

I also think a much younger and probably more immature Monica Lewinsky knew what she was doing, and the President should have put a stop to it. He didn’t.

As for what Lewinsky says about being sorry for what she did recently, I take her for her word. We all do things a little crazy when we’re younger. Her escapades were just a lot more crazier than most. Make peace with the past, if all the facts are in about it.


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