Cancer Sucks

Another one of my uncles passed away last Tuesday.

It had been somewhat expected for the last few weeks, as once cancer has you, it sadly doesn’t let you go. Even more unfortunately, I could not make the pilgrimage to North Carolina to say my farewells as I had hoped, but that’s another issue. Other immediate family members did get to see him that one final time. I did not get such a chance, which I blame myself for.

Cancer kills too many of us, no matter where we come from, no matter what financial standing we aspire to in life. I find it a bit cruel that we are the only country to have successfully landed on the Moon, but yet we haven’t found a cure for cancer. It took my father in 1991, and it has now taken another member of the family this year.

We spend so much time on breast cancer awareness for women, and it is a good cause worth mentioning and/or remembering. I just wish we (as a society) openly asked the question of ourselves: why has breast cancer cases gone up so significantly in the past 30 years? Is it the air we breathe? What we eat? What we drink?

The “why” has become some sort of secret, some riddle. It shouldn’t be. Each of us should be asking at least question beginning with a “why” every day. Can you tell I love questions that start with that word?

As for my uncle, he has passed into the kingdom of heaven, up there with my father and other family members. I wish him a safe journey to his reward, and look forward to seeing him again when my time comes, whenever that is.



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