Board Games Never Bored Me

When I was in high school, I loved board games that revolved around sports. Whenever basketball, baseball, and football season started, I’d already raise the money to get Street and Smith’s previews from mowing the lawns. Some kids were into comic books, I’d read Street and Smith’s.

Some kids got a car for their 16th birthday, while I got a copy of Statis Pro Football for mine. It’s all I wanted, really.

I’d go off and play the games by myself, while my friends looked at me oddly, wondering what I was doing with all that time I wasn’t with them.

I was a baseball board gaming nut, too. Sher-co Baseball was my first foray into simulated balls and strikes, but the game was a little too simple for me. One of my classmates at Largo High told me about something called Pursue The Pennant, and I got hooked right away. I’d have my own “Top Ten League” where I’d put cards in a cowboy hat and picked random teams, assuring that top hitters and top pitchers were also included in it.

Love for these simulations has lasted to this very day. OOTP (Out of the Park Baseball) version 15 (a prior version of which I talked about back in 2012) goes on in the background as I type this post up. It’s never a bad thing to have a hobby, you just have to make sure your hobbies don’t control your life too much.


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