Who Gets A Cold In June?

By a considerable deal of luck, I’ve come down with a pretty decent head cold that’s knocked me on my butt these past few days. I thought it had lifted on Wednesday, but the bugger is still around this weekend.

How the heck does somebody get a cold in June?  You know, when it’s WARM out?!?

I’ve drank enough orange juice this past week to turn into a giant orange.

I’ve sneezed enough to where my sinuses are saying, “Uncle!”

I’ve cleaned what I use on a daily basis enough to earn honorary status as a Merry Maid.

If you see a little less of me on this blog next week, you’ll understand. Don’t worry, I’m probably somewhere close by, toilet paper or a paper towel nearby, ready to blow my nose at a moment’s notice.

In the meantime, pass the cough drops…


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