German Renaissance

Congratulations to Germany on winning the World Cup yesterday after defeating Argentina 1-0.

As for the United States, they can say they played the world champs and only lost to them 1-0 back in the group stages. They again made the round of 16 before Belgium KO’d them 2-1 in extra time.

Germany deserved the Jules Rimet Trophy after shattering Brazil’s hopes in a 7-1 trashing in the semifinals in a rout that will be remembered for years to come. The finale with the Argentines was a very physical game. In fact, I remarked on Twitter that I’ve seen NFL games less physical than that game, and the soccer players don’t have benefit of pads and helmets!

I hope MLS paid attention to the interest in this country and in Canada to the “Beautiful Game” played on the grandest stage. I’d love to see them go to a double round robin without East and West Divisions like the European leagues do, and expand to around 50 teams. Maybe merge with some other minor leagues and give the biggest markets teams in a three-division system, again like the Euro leagues do. The best teams each year in the lower divisions move up and play with the bigger teams, while the teams that perform the worst get sent down to the lower tiers so that they can rebuild.

Until Russia in 2018, go Team USA!


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