A Grand Farewell

There are some days I have very little to talk about. There are also days where the words just flow out of me, and today is one of those days, I’m happy to say.

I read this story on Facebook about a black lab named Duke. He was dying of a form of bone cancer known as osteosarcoma. The disease took one of Duke’s front paws, and was yanking his ribs apart. So, like many parents and owners of pets, the family made the tough decision to put down Duke and have him euthanized.

With what appeared to be a minimal amount of sadness, Duke got a grand sendoff and had a great final day as a living being captured on the Huffington Post. I dare you to read that and not lose it. I double dare you.

It resonated with me in so many ways, and I don’t even own a pet! Maybe it s an understanding that we often fail to treat the people that go through our life with the respect they often deserve, and the guilt we feel about that. I have my share of guilt, as I’m sure all of you do. We get possessed and obsessed over little things that we often forget the big things.

To Duke and his owners: I thank you for making me remember what’s important. We all need that kick in the ass sometimes.


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