The Fame Game


I was just getting ready to write about celebrities, athletes, and stardom…in the context of summing up the events over the weekend regarding Tony Stewart, the race car driver whose car hit and killed a fellow driver, whether he meant to do it or not. (My condolences to the family of Kevin Ward, Jr., by the way, an unfortunate death that I hope doesn’t go in vain, and that the racing community learns from.)

Then I turned on the TV and saw that Robin Williams had died of a suicide.

I hate to say it, but I always had the feeling watching Williams all these years there was something a little off about him. Comedians (such as Robin’s idol, Jonathan Winters, who I talked about over a year ago on this blog) sometimes have a manic style about them to do what they do.

But Robin left quite a mark in his field, and his death instantly saddened me, as it has most of his fans no doubt.  Ironic that one of his movies that had an impact on me was 1998’s “When Dreams May Come,” which was a movie that theorizes what happens to you when you die.

As I will.

As you will one day.

The movie theorizes that there are consequences for committing suicide, for going out on your own terms, and not when higher powers that be pick that date for you.

Just a shame someone as brilliant as Robin Williams leaves us so soon.  Rest in peace, sir.


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