Things I Miss, Now That I’m Older

I miss the days when there was just the ABC, CBS, NBC and maybe an independent station on TV. It seems the more TV there is, the less TV there is to watch.

I also miss cable TV when it only had a handful of channels.

I miss the days of true “pop” music, before it was dominated by rap, heavy metal, and anyone who could make a good music video.

As much as I like reality TV, I miss the days before it.

I miss when MTV just played music videos.

I miss sneaking a peek at Johnny Carson’s show, even though it was way past “my bedtime” and that some of the jokes weren’t meant to be understood to my limited childish understanding.  (Like the whole thing with the Slauson Cutoff, and why I should cut off my Slauson…and what was a Slauson anyway?)

Oh, and I miss Bowling for Dollars, too.  It was so simple, my mind of a few years old could understand it.

Just saying…


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