Naked And…What?

A couple of weeks ago, I had remarked about how reality TV has gotten stale.

I forgot to mention how all these shows seem to have the word “naked” attached to them. Yep, they’re scraping the bottom of barrel when they go to blurred nudity, and I am not a prude or anything like that.

There’s “Naked And Afraid” which shows some dangerous unclothed camping and hiking.  God forbid a cactus or something else sharp finds an orifice!

There’s also the more risque and still blurred out “Naked Dating” on VH-1.  The show has made news for the wrong reasons, as one of its participants, Jessie Nizewitz, is suing the show because a part of her anatomy that was supposed to blurred WASN’T.  Ouch.

The moral of the story: never leave your nudity at the hands of one of these unscrupulous producers.


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