Hackis Interruptus

A week ago Wednesday (August 20th), I woke up, put out the garbage, read the mail, and discovered that someone had put $500 into my Paypal account.

Sounds nice, right? Well, only one problem with that. They did so by attempting to pull the same amount of money out of my Bank of America checking account, which did NOT have $500 in it. After doing some swearing at nobody in particular, and changing my hacked Paypal password, I made some phone calls, and had Bank of America put a stop order on the attempted withdrawal, coming through for me when I really needed it. It’s now set up so that any further attempts at hacking my Paypal account will be ignored. It also means I will have to use another E-mail account to set up another Paypal account if that need ever arises. I used to use it when I did transcription work, withdrawing money from it when I got paid every Monday. If I ever go back to that, I’ll have to make other arrangements.

Keep on eye on these hackers! Just because you leave chump change in cyberspace doesn’t mean they will leave you alone. Found that out the hard way.


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