Consumer (Dis) Services

I’ve been getting a series of calls from someone claiming to be from Consumer Services as of late, offering some kind of lower credit offer. These people are a very rude lot, and when they show up on my caller ID, they often use the same number I have, accept for the last digit. By a stroke a luck, they showed up on my ID today as being from 321-209-6988, a number that shows rather prominently when entered into Google.

One day I ask, “Consumer Services from whom?” Click.

Another day I ask, “What company do you represent?” Click.

Another day, when they ask me if I was interested in the lower credit off, I say yes.

They ask me who I am, I say yes again.

They ask me who I am again, I say yes a third time. Click.

The next time they call, I’m tempted to tell them I am part Turkish and part Japanese, and tell them my name is Go Fuk Yusef.

I have no doubt I will get the “click” again, but at least it will amuse myself.

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