Pauly The Yes Man

Another day, another call from the world of telemarketers.

Someone wanted to borrow some of my time and get me interested in lowering my energy bill.

I’ve got numerous ways of dealing with these people, but I’ve been having a lot of fun with the “Yes method” I was talking about yesterday. Whenever they ask a question, always say yes.

Now, the key to it all is to pay attention to the questions. If some A/C company is giving you a time and a date to set up an appointment, you obviously wouldn’t say “yes” to that. Simply hang up the phone, or tell them it’s time for your milk and cookies. Something. Anything.

Otherwise, give the “Yes method” a try. It works, and more often than not, they’ll leave you alone, because they will think you’re someone who is home, waiting to sell pencils on a busy city street.


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